The communities of Lenyenye and Khujwani including their surrounding areas will soon benefit from the project of upgrading the Lenyenye to Khujwani road. 
The road is one of several infrastructure projects approved by Council for implementation in the 2019/2020 financial year. The road which is 5.8-kilometer long road will be upgraded from gravel to tar. The project is aimed at improving access between Lenyenye Township to Khujwani Village, the road will also include paved access the graveyard. 

Lenyenye resident Alice Modiba says “the new road comes as a relief, we will now have faster and better access to Khujwana and other places after we have struggled before.”

According to Olga Tshisevhe, GTM Manager for roads and stormwater, the scope of work for the tar road project includes the repairing and construction of stormwater concrete channels and culverts, construction of guard rails along the road and gabion retaining walls, road marking and road signs. 

GTM will spend an estimated R31.5 million on the project. Eighteen people from the nearby communities have already been employed in the project and there is a plan to employ additional 16 people before the project is completed in 2022, this is according to EPWP Officer in the GTM Miyelani Shandlale.

The Mayor of GTM Maripe Mangena believes that the multimillion-rand project will make a noticeable difference to the lives of about 3145 households residing in both communities.

Councillor Roniel Rikhotso, ward Councillor of Khujwana Village says the community is pleased about the project which is expected to bring development to both communities “the road will also provide an alternative shortcut to the two places and the local complex in Maake plaza beside the R36 road.” Said Rikhotso. 

By Vutivi Makhubele



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Mulati is a community of almost 2000 people living in 701 households, this is according to Statistics South Africa household survey. The vehicle population in Mulati is way below average and public transport ratio is one mini-bus per 900 people. According to sources, only two mini-bus taxis operate in Mulati. These taxis transport residents to and from the village to the R529 or Letsitele. 

“The people of Mulati literally struggle” this according to Josta Banyini, the ward councilor of Ward 25, which Mulati falls under along with Sedan, Mafarana, Ntsako, and Bonn Village. Banyini says whenever it rains the road there is slippery and unusable. “It is the only road into the village, and when it rains everything stops, you cannot go to the clinic, you cannot go to the library and there is no school” Said Banyini

In 2018, the GTM approved a budget for the upgrading of the road from gravel to interlocked bricks paving. The project is estimated to cost R37.2 million over a three year period. “This is a multi-year project funded by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG).” Said John Matlala, the Project Management Unit Manager in the GTM. Matlala said the Mulati project entails the paving of a 5.8 km road with two lanes. “Each lane will be 3.6m wide and there will be a 600mm shoulder on each side,” said Matlala.

Alfred Ramaano, a resident of Mulati said that the road will improve access to the three schools in the area. 
He said access to Jack Mashamba Primary, Mlunghisi Primary and Scotch Maboko High School will improve. The Mulati Library will also become more accessible to local communities. 

Matlala said that the scope of work also includes all road signs, markings, and roadside furniture. Matlala added that adjoining roads will be given access and surface bellmouths. 

In January 2019, the municipality handed over the road to a contractor, who has already started with preparations which include site establishment and hiring of labourers.

By Neville Ndlala

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The street that serves as a boundary between Nkowankowa Section B and Nkowankowa Section D, commonly known as Mbambamencisi (meaning the search for a matchbox) has been a source of pain for road users and local residents. 

This is soon to change as the Greater Tzaneen Municipality is currently implementing a project to upgrade the street from gravel to interlocked bricks paving. An area measuring 1.5km in length will be paved. “People have been complaining about the street before I became a ward councilor and finally the project to upgrade the street is in progress,” said Thandy Mpenyana. 

“The project started in October 2018 and should be completed by the end of May this year (2019)” said Manana Andries from Project management unit. From June 2019 the community of Nkowankowa will no longer have to wait for a long time to access taxis and buses to work, schools, shopping centers, and other service centers. 

According to Nyasha Manyunga, a resident of Nkowankowa D during rainy seasons the situation becomes worse, the road would be full of water because the drainage system installed previously was poor.
Manyunga says taxis do not come to “our side” so it is a struggle for us as commuters”. 
Manyunga again said he believes the upgraded street will come with a proper drainage system as the place is low lying. 

“The project entails the paving of the 1.5km street with 80mm grey interlocking paving blocks as well as stormwater drainage”. 

The project has not benefited the community of ward 21 with the road only but it has also created jobs for many people in the area. “I have been without a job for 5 years and I’m glad this project brought change in my life. With the stipend I get every month I am able to provide for my two children who are in tertiary institutions” said Beauty Mabena, the Community Liaison Officer of the project.
According to John Matlala the Manager of the Project management Unit in the municipality, the municipality appointed Makasana Construction to do the R 8.7 million project. Ryntex consulting engineering has been appointed as the consultants of the road project.

By Patricia Muchabi


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Greater Tzaneen Municipality scooped two awards in the recently held SALGA Speakers Forum hosted at Karibu Leisure Resort. The municipality won the award for “Leading municipality in the provision of tools of trade/councilor welfare and support”. The second award was for the “Most functional Rules and Ethics Committee in Mopani District Municipality”. 
Council Speaker, Councillor Dikeledi Mmetle said that the awards were testimony that the municipality has strong and serious about good governance. 
Winnie Baloyi who is the Manager for records and Administration a division that is responsible for council support said that a well-functioning council is critical in every municipality. She added that all 67 councilors of the municipality have either a laptop or tablet with access to the internet. “All councilors and the seven traditional representatives in council get 5gig of internet data per month,” said Baloyi. 
Justice Ramodipa who is a ward councilor in Ward 31 and the Chairperson of the Rules and Ethics Committee in the municipality said the award was as a result of teamwork. “As the leader of the committee, I encourage my fellow committee members to continue with the hard work and to attend meeting regularly” 
He said the support staff we very “supportive” and urged them to continue with their support and advice. the Rules and Ethics Committee deals with councilor conduct as well as the conduct of members of all the municipality’s 35 ward committees. 
Amongst other reasons for the win was the municipality’s provision of effective secretarial support to its council and its council committees. Other notable tools of trade include the municipality’s two 15 seater minibus taxis that transport councilors to oversight visits and other business of the municipality.

By Neville Ndlala

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