Good Day.


All Employees are encouraged to visit voting stations for the purpose of either check and confirm your addresses on the voters roll, or to register as voters.


Please note that the voting stations will be opened between 8am and  5pm over the weekend to allow registered voters 


  1. Whose addresses  details are not on the voters roll to provide information and also allow new voters to register.


  1. Allow already registered voters who have moved since they registered to re- register in their correct voting district.


Please go with your I'd book to the voting stations.






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The Council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has appointed the following senior management on the 27 February 2018:


  • Serapelo (Thapelo) Matlala as the Municipal Manager
  • Benjamin Mathebula Mathebula as Director for Planning and Economic Development (PED)
  • Aleck Nkuna as Director for Community Services


All have been appointed on a 5 year fixed contract. They are all expected to start on 1 March 2018.

Council wishes all the appointees the best of luck on their new roles and hopes that they deliver to the people of Tzaneen

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality advertised over 20 jobs last week and already several applicants have been robbed of their hard earned money by individuals who promised them municipal jobs in exchange for cash.

The municipality has issued warnings on previous occasions, however our people continue to fall victim to this scam.

The municipality or any of its official will never ask for money in exchange for a job/s. The recruitment process of the municipality is regulated and there are various stakeholders involved.

No single individual can make an appointment singlehanded.

Human resources and departments sit in interview panels and recommend to the municipal manager on positions lower than that of directors. Labour Unions observe the process for fairness and legality.

You must be cautious of those who approach you with these impossible promises. You must also remember that paying someone for a job is criminal offence.

Those who pay in exchange for favour are as corrupt as those who take the money to dish out favours. Our government has taken a hard-line approach to corruption.

Please alert the police if anyone offers you a municipal job for cash or any favour.

There are also a contact numbers on all the adverts for further information.

Please spread the message to as many people as possible before they too become victims.

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The Mayor and MEC for Transport agree to resume operations at Nkowa-Nkowa Testing station


Mayor and MEC for transport agree to resume operations at Nkowankowa Testing station

The MEC for Transport, Makoma Makhurupetsi and Mayor Maripe Mangena agreed in meeting held in Tzaneen today to reopen the Nkowankowa Testing Station after it stopped rendering services on 12 December 2017.

In December 2017 four testing officers from the municipality, another seconded by the department of transport and three members of the public were arrested in sting operation. The accused were arrested on 12 December 2017 with others handing themselves to the police a few days after.

All appeared in the Nkowankowa Magistrate Court where they were all released on a R5000 bail each. They will appear again on 16 February 2018 at the same court. The four officers were served with suspension letters on December and have since been on suspension.

The testing station will most likely be reopened on Monday, 22 January 2018 after the completion of all administrative processes which the mayor and MEC met to finalize. The two leaders met with driving school owners who raised an array of issues which the MEC promised to attend to.

On Tuesday driving school owners disrupted testing services at the tzaneen testing station demanding the reopening of Nkowankowa station, they blocked the routes used for testing leaners with their trucks which they removed after the municipality made an undertaking to reopen on Monday.

The municipality has since secured the services of four testing officers. The officers of which two are from the municipality and the other two from the department of transport were sent to a refresher course which they all successfully completed.

Speaking at the Nkowankowa testing station Makhurupetsi said that it was unfair to deny residents services due to corruption.

She said her Deparment will root out corruption in the testing stations across the province. She said that corruption was now institutionalize and that she had personal experience of officers demanding bribes in exchange for a license.

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