Media Release

No.DescriptionPost Date
1  Mayor officially opens new road & handover a house2017-03-10
2  Warning: job scam2017-02-27
3  Tzaneen public swimming pool now open to the general public2017-02-21
4  Gtm to hosts its 3rd annual agricultural expo2016-09-16
5  Statement on the purchase of a new vehicle for the mayor2016-09-08
6  Statement on the state of water in tzaneen2016-07-08
7  Statement on the state of water in tzaneen (final2016-07-08
8  Statement on the state of water in tzaneen2016-07-08
9  Response to complaint relating to accounts billing2016-07-08
10  Response to complaint relating to accounts billing (final)2016-07-08
11  Water disruptions2016-07-08
12  Tzaneen host to creative career expo2016-07-08
13  Official opening of nkowankowa sports center2016-07-08
14  Mayor officially opens nkowankowa sports center2016-07-08
15  Gtm builds new sports centre in runnymede2016-07-08
16  Memorial and funeral services for hector mlondobodzi2016-07-08
17  Salga recognises gtm in provincial speakers forum2016-07-08
18  Gtm builds new sports centre in runnymede 2016-05-05
19  Water disruption: reservoir cleaning & disinfection2016-04-18
20  Statement on the state of water in tzaneen (final)2016-02-16
21  Response to complaint relating to accounts billing (final)2016-02-16
22  Media release mayor awards class of 2015 top achievers in gtm2016-01-14
23  Matric 2015 report2016-01-14
24  Gtm introduces mms bills (municipal statements)2015-10-26
25  Construction of 14.5 km rita to mariveni road begins2015-09-23
26  Visit by the national council of provinces2015-04-20
27  Update on the dispute between mr h muller and gtm2015-04-20
28  Statement of gtms purchase of 30 laptops2015-04-20
29  Response to article publihsed on the citizen2015-04-20
30  New ramotshinyadi road and bridge construction completed2015-04-20
31  New parking meters in tzaneen cbd2015-04-20
32  Response on the puchase of tablets2015-04-20
33  Suspension of the mm2015-04-20
34  Mayor cup media release2015-04-20
35  Anc regional offices building2015-04-20
36  Update on gtms security tender2015-04-20
37  Mayors fund to help needy leaners get education2015-04-20
38  Council dismisses municipal manager2015-04-20
39  Council appoints new acting municipal manager2015-04-20
40  Media release - back to school campaign2015-04-20
41  Media advisory-mayor cast vote2015-04-20
42  Bussary application forms2015-04-20
43  Batho pele statement2015-04-20
44  Back to school campaign schedule and 2014 matric results2015-04-20
45  Adams farm2015-04-20
46  Media data base2015-04-20
47  7 million to replace all existing streetlights2015-04-20