Mpumi Mhalanga amongst children at Glenshiel Primary on Mandela Day 2016

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Tzaneen Agricultural Expo 2015

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SALGA recognises GTM in Provincial Speakers Forum

The Greater Tzaneen Municipality received three recognition certificates/awards during the recent Limpopo South African Local Government Association (SALGA) Speakers Forum Indaba held at Karibu Leisure Resort on Thursday, 12 May 2016.

The municipality was recognised in the following three categories for outstanding performance.
ē Most Functional MPAC committee in Mopani ē Longest Serving Speaker and all Alderman Councillors ē Leading municipality in the provision of tools of trade/Councillor welfare and support

The municipality was recognised for providing support to its councillors which include among others providing councillors with Tablets and Laptops with access to e-mail and internet services and providing the Speaker of Council with an official vehicle to execute his responsibilities. The municipality was also lauded for also taking its councillors to worships and training and for having an office with officials dedicated to supporting councillors with their day to day functions.

Speaker of Council, Councillor Cassius Machimana was recognised for his long service to the municipality. Machimana was a Ward Councillor for ward 19 between 2006 and 2011 where he was crowned the best ward councillor in Mopani.

The municipalityís Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) was recognised at the most functional in the Mopani District Municipality.

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Mayor launches an electrification project in Thabine

Today, Wednesday, 02 March 2016, Mayor Dikeledi Mmetle launched yet another electrification project that will see 685 families in Gamaphala Village in Thabine connected by the end of June this year. Mmetle who addressed a crowd made mainly of beneficiaries earlier today said that 94% of the households in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality now have electricity. She said areas that remain without electricity were new extensions which came after their villages got electricity. She said that since 2011 when the current council took oath of office, more than 15 000 families who did not have electricity are now connected.

The Mayor introduced the contactor to the community as well as the project steering committee and the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) and urged the community to work hand in hand with the team. The project will cover three wards, which are ward 32, 33 and 34. The Greater Tzaneen Municipality in conjunction with Eskom and with the funding from the National Department of Energy has embarked on massive electricity roll out projects which saw them launch similar projects in Juluesburg, Khopo, Mineview. Mayor will tomorrow launch another project in Xihoko Village.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality has received numerous complaints from residents in relation to their monthly municipal bills. The bulk of the complaints are related to electricity charges and disconnection fees.

Residents are reminded that the deadline for payments is the 25th of each month, those who fail to meet the deadline will receive a reminder. Failure to act on the reminder will result in the defaulter receiving a “final request” notice, which is accompanied by a R45.00 fee plus VAT. Action will therefore be required from the accountholder within three days of receiving the “final request” notice. 

Failure to act within the stipulated timeframe will result in the delivery of a disconnection notice and subsequent disconnection. The disconnection notice is delivered at the same time that the actual disconnection is done. 

A disconnection fee of R365.00 plus VAT will be billed into the account of the property owner or account holder. The electricity will only be reconnected after payment is made.

We have appointed a service provider to do meter reading on behalf of the municipality and they have already started with their work. The readings are collected on a monthly basis and captured onto our financial systems.

For accuracy and as proof a photo of the meter at the time when the reading is recorded is taken and uploaded into the account.

The hike in electricity bills in most instances in a result of the heat wave which led to residents overusing their air conditioners. The air conditioner consumes more electricity more than most household utilities.

Residents who have queries or are not satisfied with their accounts are welcome to lodge their queries with our accounts section in the Finance Department.  Residents can visit the municipality and our officers at Credit Control will kindly explain the charges and rectify any errors thereof.

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