Older Annual Reports

Annual Reports 2017/2018

DescriptionPost DateYear
Final Annual Report2015-06-122014
Annexure E Audit Report2015-06-122014
Annexure C Final Annual Performance report2015-06-122014
Annexure B Annual Report2015-06-122014
Final Draft Annual Report 2013/20142015-03-272014
Auditor General Report 2013/20142015-03-272014
Auditor General Report 2013/20142015-03-272014
Final AFS 2013/20142015-03-272014
SDBIP 4th Quarter Report 2013/20142015-03-272014
Submission of the Annual Report 2013/20142015-03-272014
Organizational Structure 2013/20142015-03-272014
Annexure B Signed GTEDA Annual Report2015-10-212013
Annexure C(1) Final Annual Performance report 2013_142015-10-212013
Annexure C(ii) - Final 4th Qtr SDBIP Report for 2013_142015-10-212013
Annexure D 2013_14 GTM AFS Final2015-10-212013
Annexure E (1) GTM Audit Report2015-10-212013
Annexure E GTEDA Audit Report2015-10-212013
Final Annual Report 22015-10-212013
Annexure B - GTEDA Annual Report 12_132015-10-212012
Final Annual Report2015-10-212012
Report 2012_13 Adj Final2015-10-212012
GTM AFS Final2015-10-212012
Final Annual Report2015-10-212012
Annual Performance report(Aproved 28 Aug)2015-10-212011
Audit Report - AG 2011_122015-10-212011
Final Audit Implementation Plan 2012 GTM2015-10-212011
Report from Audit Committee on GTM2015-10-212011
Final Adopted Annual Report2015-10-212011
2011_12 Financial Statements - Audited2015-10-212011
Final Annual Report 2009/20102015-03-272010
Annual Report 2007/20082015-03-272008