Closing Tender Register

No.DescriptionPost Date
1  Pool of contractors for Civil and General buldingworks2018-09-06
2  Provision of security Solution (Technical Survilance)2018-09-06
3  Collections, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste2018-09-06
4  Maintenance and refurbishment of overhead power lines and other related equipment2018-09-06
5  Collection of Solid Waste SCMU 01/20182018-06-26
6  Provision of meter reading2018-06-12
7  Request for proposal from auctioneers(auction)2018-06-12
8  SCMU 10-20172018-05-08
9  Supply, delivery, installation, training of initial operator for training machine and auto feeder2018-05-03
10  Integrated waste management in solution waste2018-05-03
11  Maintenance and refurbishment of overhead power lines and other related equipment of GTM2018-05-03
12  Treatment and disposal management2018-05-03
13  Repair and maintenance of all equipment on all water and sewage plants with pump station in the GTM2018-05-03
14  Construction of new abiuton block2018-05-03
15  Construction of 30 exhibition stand for agri expo2018-05-03
16  Provision of security solution2018-05-03
17  Pool of contractors for electrical engineers2018-05-03
18  Electrification of Dan village2018-04-11
19  Maintenance and Refurbishment of Overhead Power Lines and other Related Equipment of GTM2017-11-20
20  Request for proposal on provision, operational support and maintenance of a turnkey digital red-light and speed law enforcement system2017-09-04
21  Construction of 80 Exhibition Stand for AGri Expo2017-08-21
22  Supply, Delivery, Installation, Training and Initial Operator for Training Machine and Auto Feeder2017-07-28
23  Provision of Security Solution2017-07-07
24  Construction of new block2017-06-20
26  Rehabilitation at Tzaneen airfield runaway2017-05-19
27  Baneen Civic Center External Paiting2017-05-11
28  Baneen civic center external painting2017-05-10
29  Maintenance of Network Equipments2017-04-10
30  Proposal on Assets Management for GTM2017-04-10
31  Construction of stormwater management for new community work2017-03-31
32  Tender Register2017-03-23
33  Upgrading of Morutji to Matswi road2016-07-18
34  Manimofase Pedestrian Bridge2016-05-23
35  Construction of Nkowankowa Taxi Rank2016-04-18
36  New Concrete Palisade Fencing at TZA2015-11-30
37  Supply Construction & Commission of High Mast2015-08-17
38  Upgrading of Moruji to Matswi road2015-08-07
39  OPENING REGISTER FOR SCMU 06-20152015-06-26
41  OPENING FOR SCMU 08-20152015-06-26
42  OPENING FOR SCMU 06-2015 PROJECT 22015-06-26
43  Collection and Transportaton2015-06-12
44  Litter picking-North2015-06-12
45  Litter picking2015-06-12
46  RFQ: Debt collection2015-06-12
47  Provision of disconnecting2015-06-12
48  Provision of electrical and water reading2015-06-12
49  RFQ: Electronics2015-06-12
50  Maintance of various developmnt2015-06-12
51  Grass cutting on sidewalks2015-06-12
52  Upgrading of Morutji Road2015-06-11