No.DescriptionPost DateClosing Date
1  Construction of Khwekhwe Low Level Bridge2017-02-232017-03-17
2  Combine Bids February 20172017-02-212017-03-03
3  Invitation of Bids2017-02-132017-03-03
4  Invitation of Bids2017-01-302017-03-03
5  Invitation of Bids2017-01-302017-02-13
6  Supply and Delivery of Uniform for Law Enforcement Officers2017-01-302017-02-08
7  Invitation of Bids2016-11-222017-01-20
8  Invitation of Bids2016-11-142017-01-20
9  Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture2016-10-132016-11-11
10  Construction of Khubu to Lwandlamuni Low Level Bridge2016-10-132016-10-28
11  Request for proposal for the review of the LED strategy2016-09-082016-09-23
12  Supply and Delivery of Promotional Material, Tent, Sound System for the Agri Expo2016-09-082016-09-14
13  Appointment of Pool of Consultants for Electrical Professional Services2016-08-012016-09-02
14  RFQ: On Unified Communication System Lease (Telephone System)2016-08-012016-09-02
15  Erratum: Extension of Bid Closing Date2016-08-192016-08-26
16  Tzaneen 13x4 Civil Engineering2016-07-272016-08-19
17  Tzaneen Erratum2016-07-182016-08-19
18  Tender2016-07-072016-08-19
19  RFQ: Cutting of Dangerous Trees2016-08-012016-08-05
20  Cutting of dangerous Trees in GTM2016-07-252016-08-03
21  Compliation of GTM Annual Financial Statements2016-06-242016-07-01
22  Appointment of Pool of Consultant for Professional Engineering Related Services2016-05-252016-06-17
23  Upgrading of Mafarana to Burgersdorp Road from Gravel to Tar and Moruji to Matshwi/Kheshokolwe Road from Gravel to Tar2016-05-252016-06-10
24  Upgrading of Mafarana to Burgersdorp Road from Gravel to Tar and Moruji to Matshwi/Kheshokolwe Road from Gravel to Tar2016-05-252016-06-10
25  Marumofase Pedestrian Bridge2016-05-052016-05-20
26  Supply of Managed Printing Services2016-04-082016-05-20
27  Workshop and Training Street Commitees2016-04-192016-04-28
28  Construction of Nkowankowa Taxi Rank2016-04-082016-04-15
29  Renovation of Nkowankowa Club House2016-03-082016-03-16
30  Workshop and training for streets committees2016-03-042016-02-26
31  Invitation to Bid2016-01-152016-02-26
32  Advertised Tenders2016-02-122016-02-19
33  Alination of Sites at GTM Dam Extension 22015-12-072016-01-29
34  Invitation to Bid2016-01-132016-01-27
35  Construction of new Sports facility in Runnymede Cluster2015-12-012016-01-15
36  Invitation of Bids2015-11-032015-12-11
37  High Level ICT Network Infrastructure Audit2015-11-112015-11-20
38  Invitation to Bid2015-08-212015-10-02
39  Invitation to Bid2015-08-202015-10-02
40  Supply and Delivery of Cartridges2015-08-172015-09-19
41  Construction of a New Community Hall at Relela Cluster2015-08-172015-09-18
42  Bids are Invited2015-07-132015-08-07
43  Request for Proposal on Review of Spatial Development Framework2015-08-072015-07-03
45  Supply & Delivery of Recycling Bulk Bins2015-05-222015-05-29
46  Event Manager: 2010 Fifa World Cup:2015-04-302015-03-26
47  Combined Bid Advertisement 2015-03-302014-11-14
48  Replacement Of Chair In The Council Chamber2015-03-302014-10-08
49  Appointment Of Service Providers2015-03-302011-11-11
50  Outsourcing Of External Audit Services2015-03-302011-06-23
51  Development of Customized Measures2015-03-302011-04-18
52  Upgrading Of Sasekani To Nkowankowa Road2015-03-302011-02-11
53  Digging, Closing And Compacting Of Streetlights 2015-03-302010-09-01
54  ABET Programme For Municipal Employees2015-03-302010-07-30
55  Invitation To Electrical Consultants2015-03-302010-04-09
56  Invitation To Electrical Contractors2015-03-302009-09-18
57  Invitation To Electrical Consultant2015-03-302009-09-11