Councillor Margaret Letsoalo, a member of the executive committee of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has lambasted a speaker who used tribal connotations when raising a concern during a Mayoral imbizo today at Mhlava Cross.
The speaker asked why ward 32 was led by a Pedi Councillor instead of a Tsonga speaking Councillor. Letsoalo said it was disappointing that after 1994 people were still divided across tribal lines. She said the dawn of democracy signaled the end of tribalism and people should be embarrassed to use tribalism in any circumstance.
She said those aiming at sowing divisions usually use tribal connotations to incite people

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Residents of Mhlava Cross have blasted government for poor supply of water in the village. Speaker after speaker complained about poor delivery of water in the area. They spoke about inconsistent distribution of water through mobile tankers and disfunctional boreholes.
Responding to the questions, Mopani District Municipality member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) Councillor Sefufi said the district municipality was conducting an audit into the boreholes throughout the district to identify nonfunctional boreholes. She said that a transformer and cable were stolen before the borehole could even be commissioned for use.
Councillor Thomas Mushwana also responding to questions about water said that pipelines were being vandalized by residents and water supply was affected.

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The First Lady of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality Mme Precious Mangena celebrated her 44th Birthday today with learners from Yingisani Special School just outside Nkowankowa.
During the celebration she donated sanitary towels to learners and Shared her birthday cake with learners and stuff at the school. Mangena said that she choose to celebrate her birthday with learners from Yingisani because in most cases they are taken granted.
Mangena said the learners are very special to her and that she will continue to advocate for their rights as well as other vulnerable groups . Yingisani Special School is for children who cannot hear or talk.
In 2018, Mangena celebrated her birthday with learners from Letaba Aftercare. Letaba Aftercare is a school for children with physical disabilities.
Report by Mduduzi Mkhabela

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"Greater Tzaneen Municipality values Agriculture"says Mayor Maripe Mangena

Mayor Maripe Mangena said that GTM takes agriculture seriously, hence the Tzaneen Agricultural Expo was established six years ago to promote farming and offer a helping hand to uplift struggling farmers.
Mangena addressed farmers, businesses, government officials and politicians at this year's Tzaneen Agricultural Expo Gala dinner that was held at Karibu Leisure Resort on Wednesday, 2 September 2019.
The Mayor continued to say that the municipality has invested and will continue to invest in local farming which he believes has yielded positive results, referring to the donation of R100 000 worth of seedlings that has accumulated to R400 000 revenue for the beneficiaries .
"We would be pleased to see the University of Limpopo open an Agricultural branch in Tzaneen to keep this legacy alive" suggested the Mayor to Professor Elliott Zwane who was introduced as one of the partners who has actively participated in the initiative from the beginning.
The annual Agricultural Expo that was first held in 2014 was held at Tzaneen Country Lodge for two days from 1 to 2 October . The Agricultural sessions in the words of Nontokozo Zwane Manager at the Department of Agriculture in Tzaneen " is meant to bring established institutions in agriculture to share knowledge , skills and ideas with the rest of the farming community that will help them to grow their business ".
Reputable companies such as ABSA, Santam, Limpopo Tomatoes Growers Association, WD Seedlings, Epol, Vumelani and Limpopo Fresh Produce Market were invited to share information on funding, local gap certification, insurance, skills development and general opportunities for farmers.
According to Benjamin Mathebula, GTM Director for Planning and Economic Development "The Agricultural Expo will conclude in an Agri-Expo Golf tournament on the 11th of October 2019, the purpose of the tournament is to raise funds for the farmers needs".

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The Greater Tzaneen has once again partnered with Mopani District Municipality (MDM), South African Local Government Association (SALGA), the Department of Agriculture, Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency (GTEDA) and Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) to host the annual Agricultural Expo.
The Agricultural Expo will be held as follows:
Dates: 2nd and 3rd of October 2019 Venue: Tzaneen Country Lodge Time: 09h00
The theme for this year’s Agricultural Expo is “Stimulating Growth in Agriculture through Agri-partnership”
The Tzaneen Agricultural Expo was introduced in 2014. The Expo is aimed at empowering emerging farmers by exposing them to relevant role players in the agriculture value chain. Through this the municipality aims to promote growth and to strengthen the agricultural sector and positively impact economy.
GTM Mayor, Councillor Maripe Mangena will host a networking Gala Dinner for partners and stakeholders tomorrow, at on the 2nd of October 2019 at Karibu Leisure Resort. 18H00.
The municipality will host an Agri-Golf tournament on the 11th of October 2019 at Tzaneen Country Club to raise funds to support emerging famers.

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Residents of Tzaneen Town are hereby notified of the immediate implementation of water shedding in Tzaneen.
The water shedding is implemented due to the significant drop in water levels at the Tzaneen Dam which is a source of water for the town of Tzaneen and its various suburbs. The water level at the dam is below 10 %.
The water shedding will affect both residential areas and central business district (CBD). Residents are urged to use water sparingly as the situation is dire.
Water Shedding will take place as per the schedule below:
Sunday: No water shedding on Sunday
Monday: All residential sites except CBD water shedding from 09H00 to 16H00
Tuesday All residential sites except CBD Water shedding from 09H00 to 16H00
Wednesday: No water shedding on Wednesday
Thursday: All residential sites except CBD Water shedding from 09H00 to 16H00
Friday: All residential sites except CBD water shedding from 09H00 to 16H00
Saturday: No water shedding on Saturday

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality has terminated the services of Tshiamiso Trading 135 (PTY) LTD in respect of SCMU15/2018 (Mulati Road Upgrading Project) and SCMU21/2018 (Codesa to Hani Street Upgrading). The two tenders were awarded as a result of misrepresentation on the part of the service provider and the exact methodology was used in both tenders.
The termination is effected in order to reduce the cost of the two projects which has skyrocketed to twice the tendered amount. In respect of the Codesa project Tshiamiso tendered for R9 217 610.99 instead of R16.960.951.00 that Tshiamiso claims is the actual tendered amount. In respect of the Mulati Project, Tshiamiso tendered for an amount of R26 824,512.88 instead of R57, 509,148.80 which they are now claiming. The termination was also done for purposes of administrative compliance, which is a legal obligation.
The municipality will issue an emergency tender to complete outstanding work on both projects. An engineer has already been tasked to determine the outstanding scope of works and applicable market related rates to complete the outstanding works.
All responsive tenders that were received in respect of the two projects will be invited to submit bids to complete the outstanding work. Only tenderers which submit bids for an amount less than the amount determined by the engineer will be considered.
The successful tenderer will be obliged to give preference to members of the local community who were previously employed by Tshiamiso. This will be done to ensure that no worker or subcontractor in the two projects lose their employment.
The municipality will consider the possibility of making outstanding payments directly to subcontractors and workers in the Codesa to Hani Project. This will be done within the ambit of the law and in line with applicable laws and regulations.
We however wish to state categorically clear that the municipality has no contractual arrangements with any of the subcontractors or workers in the aforementioned projects. The intervention is made in the interest of the community.
The municipality symphasizes with residents, subcontractors and workers who are affected by the current contractual dispute in the two projects and is doing all within its legislative powers to get a speedy resolution in the matter.

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Ward 27 Sports, Arts and Culture Day

Ward 27 Sports, Arts and Culture Day Men' Soccer Final between Mogapeng Young Chiefs (Blue Kit) vs Makhubidung CCV (Maroon kit) now on at Makhubidung Sportsground.

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Young and old participants in a 15km race

Participants young and old took part in the annual 15km race from Maake Plaza to Mogapeng Clinic today

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15km Race from Maake Plaza to Mogapeng Clinic

Participants getting ready for the 15km race from Maake Plaza to Mogapeng Clinic. Mayor Maripe Mangena is also in attendance.

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Annual Sports

Today, Ward 27 is hosting its annual Sports, Arts and Culture Day at Makhubidung Sportsground from 9am. The day started with a 15km race from Maake Plaza to Mogapeng Clinic at 06h30. Other activities will include soccer, sack racing, tug of War, bottle filling and morabaraba.

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The Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Mangena has adopted Bakgaga High School in Makhubidung Village. The Mayor will work with the school to ensure that learning improves and the school improves its pass rate. Mangena has also committed to fund the summer enrichment programme which began today at the school. Addressing learners and educators earlier today at Bakgaga High School, Mangena urged the grade 12 leaners to follow a career in agriculture as agriculture is the major economic activity in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality. The municipality has also guaranteed a bursary for any learner who intends to enrol for any agriculture related course at any recognized institution of higher learning next year. In his motivation talk, the Mayor encouraged the learners to use the remaining three weeks wisely.

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Mariveni Water Project

The NCOP delegation and the Members of the Provincial Legislature at Mariveni Village to assess the Mariveni Water Project

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The NCOP delegation visited the Codesa to Hani Street project.

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State of Governance in the Municipality.

The leadership of the municipality is currently meeting with the Delegation of the National Council of Provinces discussing the state of governance in the municipality. There are also members of provincial legislature.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality invites CVs of disabled people aged between 18 and 45years, with grade 11/12/diploma.

They will have to attend classes Applicants must indicate the type of Disability & area where they come from. CVs must be submitted to the Youth & Disability Office by 20 September 2019 at 15H00.

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Today, Wednesday, 4 September 2019, The Greater Tzaneen Municipality launched two electrification projects in Motseteng Village and Lenyenye Township. The handover of the Motseteng electrification project took place at Moime Day Care, where the project contractor, consultants and the Project Steering Committee (PSC) were introduced formally to the community. The municipality has budgeted R1.6 million to fund the project which is due to connect 93 households in the village. Ward councillor of Ward 33 Sophy Raganya said the community is looking forward to the development. Speaking at the Handover, The head of the Ethics Committee in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Justice Ramodipa said that the beneficiaries of the project will now have electricity legally. The beneficiaries currently have electricity connected illegally which poses risk to their lives and property. Ramodipa urged the beneficiaries to cooperate with the contractor when the time to remove the illegal connection arrives. On the issue of jobs, Sam Lelope, the Director for Electrical Engineering in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality said that the contractor will bring qualified personnel to the village but will also employ some locals to dig holes for the electrical poles. Ward 31 Councillor, Justice Ramodipa again led the Lenyenye electrification project handover that was held at Lenyenye Community Hall just after noon. The Lenyenye project is set to cost R2. 7 Million And will cover the electrification of 160 households. The two projects are expected to be completed in the next three months. The Greater Tzaneen Municipality has connected electricity to all its 125 villages and five towns, however new extentions are being developed leading to electricity demand. Story by Vutivi Makhubele Additional reporting by Neville Ndlala

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Lenyenye Stadium has been selected to host the Mopani District Municipality Career Expo tomorrow, Friday, 6 September 2019 at Lenyenye Stadium from 10am. The event will be held under the theme: "Education the shield of life"

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Did you know that from 8 to 15 September 2019 entrance to most National Parks will be free? Parks excluded from the free week are Namaqua National Park and Boulders Penguin Colony (although locals already get a reduced rate) and the Table Mountain Cableway in Table Mountain National Park.

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Deputy Police Minister Cassel Mathale calls for unity

Deputy Police Minister Cassel Mathale has called on the people of Nwamitwa to unite to fight crime just like the people of Dan Village by forming street committees and starting street patrols. He also thanked Greater Tzaneen. Municipality Mayor Maripe Mangena for making it possible that gangsterisim in Dan Village is defeated. Mathale said the police cannot defeat crime without the help of the community.

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The Keynote Speaker at the 11th N'wamitwa Day Celebration Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has promised Hosi N'wamitwa II and the people of N'wamitwa that the whole government will descend at N'wamitwa before the next (12th) Annual N'wamitwa Day celebration. Dlamini-Zuma is the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Tradional Affairs.

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N'wamitwa Traditional Area

Hosi N'wamitwa II currently delivering a presentation on the progress made in terms of development in the N'wamitwa Tradional Area. #N'wamitwa Day 2019

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Festivities are about to start at the Annual Nwamitwa Day Celebration at the Valoyi Vatsonga Cultural Village (Nwamitwa). Various dignitaries have arrived and amongst them are former AU Chairperson and current Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Minister of Tourism Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, Deputy Minister of Police Cassel Mathale, MEC for Cooperative Governance Baisikopo Makamu, Mayor Maripe Mangena, Kgosi Dikgale, Former Minister of Arts and Culture Rejoice Mabhudafasi.

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The following areas will be without electricity on Thursday, 29 August 2019 from 8am to 4pm: Makhubidung (Mountain View), Mogapeng, Shiluvane, Masoma (Tours), Pharare, Sungwene, Mokomotsi and Nabane. Customers are advised to take safety precautions during the time of disruption. Please ensure that all electrical appliances are disconnected. Treat all electrical installations as live.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality will host the Mopani District Ward Committee Conference from 22 to 23 August 2019. Hundreds of delagates amongst them ward councillors and ward committees members are expected to converge at Karibu Leisure Resort tonight to register for the two day conference. Delegates will come from all five local municipalities within the Mopani District Municipality namely Letaba, Tzaneen, Giyani, Baphalaborwa, and Maruleng. Ward committees are an important part of the local government system as they bridge the gap between local municipalities and their residents. Members of ward committees are only paid stipends to cover telephone, travel and food as they serve on a voluntary basis. Various government departments and entities are expected to make presentations during the conference. The conference will be officially opened by the Executive Mayor of Mopani District Municipality, Councillor Pule Shai.

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Today the Greater Tzaneen Municipality held it's first IDP Rep Forum in the 2019/20 financial year at Lenyenye Community Hall . The forum was attended by the municipality's political and administrative leadership led by Mayor Maripe Mangena. Councillors, members of ward Committees , municipal officials and various community stakeholders also attended and participated in today's forum. The purpose of today's forum was to review the IDP process plan which entails the events and activities of the municipality leading to the draft of the 5 year Integrated Development Plan. Also present was the Council Speaker, Councillor Dikeledi Mmetle who chaired the forum, the Chief Whip, Councillor Cromwell Nhemo and Municipal Manager, Thapelo Matlala.

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Please note that the following areas will not have electricity tomorrow,Thursday, 15 August 2019 from 6am to 6pm. Nkowankowa A, B, C & D Mariveni Dan Village Madawa Nkomanini Gavaza Mhangweni Petanenge Mhlava Cross Burgersdorp Nsolani Nyanyukani Bonn Mafarana Sedan Mulati Zaghoma Shipungu Mokgoloboto Notice from Eskom

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GTM Spokesperson Neville Ndlala on Capricorn FM

Catch GTM Spokesperson Neville Ndlala on Capricorn FM at 19h45 respond to issue raised by Nkowankowa residents .

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A mass funeral is currently underway in Fobeni Village for the victims of the Deerpark taxi accident which claimed the lives of six people. The six died on Monday after a head-on collision between two minibus taxis along the Deerpark road.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Dikeledi Magadzi said that ten people involved in the accident are still in hospital. She said Mopani District was now notorious for accidents that kill people in masses.
She said the department of transport was working of legislation to harshly deal with reckless driving and disregard for traffic laws. Also in attendance are MEC for TRANSPORT, Dickson Masemola, Member of Parliament, Khensani Bilankulu, Mopani District Municipality, Executive Mayor, Pule Shai, Mayor Maripe Mangena and SAPS Cluster Commander, General Mathebula.

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Mayor Maripe Mangena is currently attending a Memorial service at Mabapula chwene sports ground(Fobeni village). The memorial service is for six people who lost their lives in mini bus accident in Deerpark on Monday.
A mass funeral will be held for 4 of the six deceased on Sunday, 11 August 2019 at 06:30 at Mabapula Chwene Sports Ground (Fobeni village). One victim will be burried tomorrow and another will be burried at Turfloop also on Saturday.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality in partnership with Madiba Foundation hosted a fun run today, 9 August 2019 at Tickelyline Village. Children, teenagers, parents, and pensioners from Tickeyline and surrounding participated in the run.
The fun walk was categorised in 5km, 10 km and 15 km. Mayor Maripe Mangena joined the Walk along with fellow councillors and community leaders.
The idea behind the walk was to motivate learners to achieve "110%" pass rate. The event also highlighted challenges faced by the youth as well as solutions.

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2019 has brought dramatic changes to two families in Tickeyline Village outside of Tzaneen. The two families lived in squalor but that has since changed through the intervention of Greater Tzaneen Municipality mayor, Maripe Mangena as well as the Mopani District Municipality.
Mangena facilitated the construction of a house for Malakatha and Margeret Mokone. The elderly Mokone couple's house collapsed in 2008, and since then they have been living in a relative's house. Through Mangena's intervention the couple now have a three bed room house complete with lounge, a kitchen and an outside pit toilet complete with ramp. Margaret Mokone is wheelchair bound and sick. The toilet was built to meet her disability needs. The house was built through the intervention of the Mayor by Eternity Star Investment which is owned by local businessman Edwin Komane.
Just a street away from the Mokones, are the Modibas. The Modibas stayed in a single room shack with their four children, and just like the Mokones their long wait for a decent house has come to an abrupt end. The Modibas house was built through the intervention of Mopani District Municipality by Selby Construction which is owned by local businessman Selby Manthatha.
Receiving the keys from Mangena, Malakatha Mokone couldn't hide his excitement. Malakatha said that that the structure they lived in could have collapsed anytime just like their previous house. He said since his wife is disable it would be difficult for her to escape if the house collapsed. Malakatha also urged the mayor help other families who need houses.

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Mayor Maripe Mangena today announced that a R35 million road project will begin once the Steering committee is elected at Mahlogwe. The project steering committee will soon be elected to oversee the project along with the consulting engineer. Mangena said that a Community Liaison officer and the labourers will also be employed to work on the project.
Mangena said to the community "let's join hands as stakeholders and cooperate with the contractor to ensure that the project is completed without any disturbances". The 5.5 km road will benefit the communities of Mahlogwe, Leseka, Modiba and Bvuma villages.
Tyron Ngwenya of MGM Bluhray engineers said "The upgrading of the road will include paving with interlocking paving bricks, parking lot at the graveyards, a traffic circle and speed humps". Marothi Mahlo Early childhood development representative said "our children will no longer be affected by the dust from the roads, we really appreciate this development in our community".

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Mayor live on Thobela FM

Please catch the Mayor of Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Maripe Mangena live on Thobela FM this morning from 06H30.

He will also be on Capricorn FM in the evening from 19H30. The Mayor will talk about his State of the Municipal Address which he delivered on Friday

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Mayor to handover two houses on Mandela Day

Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Mangena will today, 18 July 2019 as part of Mandela Day celebration handover two newly built houses in Tickeyline Village at 10am.

At 14h00, the Mayor will lead a sod-turning ceremony at Nabane Village for the Launch of the Nelson Ramodike Access Road.
Issued by Neville Ndlala on behalf of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality - 073 076 2125

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Please note that there is a fault with one of our KV lines in Tarentaalrand.
This has resulted in power disruption in a number of areas including Nkowankowa, Lenyenye and surrounding areas.

Our technicians are currently on site working to restore power. We apologize for any inconvenience. GTM Management

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The Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Mangena will lead a Sod turning ceremony for the construction of Mawa Low Level Bridge on Wednesday, 17July 2019 at 10H00. Mangena and his delegation will then proceed to Mabjeakgoro Primary School in Relela village for the sod turning of Relela Access Road.

The proceedings at Mabjeakgoro will commerce at 14h00.
On Mandela Day, Thursday, 18 July 2019, the Mayor will lead a sod-turning ceremony for the Upgrading of Nelson Ramodike Access Road at 14:00 at Nabane Sports Ground (Nabane Village).

For Immediate release Issued by: Neville Ndlala on behalf of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality Spokesperson - 015 307 8489 - 073 076 2125-

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                         GREATER TZANEEN MUNICIPALITY                          





Tel: 015 307 8000

Tzaneen 0850

Fax: 015 307 8049

ENQ: Zabel Modjadji

Date: 1 1 July 2019

Supply Chain Unit

SCMU 03/2019

Sir I Madam



BID NO: SCMU 03/2019

The above matter refers.

Please be informed that the validity period of the above mentioned bid, which was advertised and

closed on 12 April 2019, and is expiring on 1 1 July 2019.

The municipality thus requests and notifies all bidders of the validity period to be extended until

11 August 2019.

in order.             

Mr. BS Matlala                                                             Date 11-07-2019

Municipal Manager

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Today, Greater Tzaneen Municipality Mayor, Maripe Mangena met the new Council of the Bathlabine Royal House which is led by new Chief, Kgosi Jack Mogoboya.

The new chief takes over from Lebia Mogoboya who was removed as the leader of the Royal House.

Mangena was flanked by Council Speaker, Councillor Dikeledi Mmetle, EXCO members and ward councillors.

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Josias Pule Shai was today sworn in as the New Executive Mayor of Mopani District Municipality, he replaces Nkakareng Rakgoale who resigned to become the MEC of Social Development. Shai was the Mayor of Baphalaborwa Municipality.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality in partnership with LGSETA and Mopani District Municipality held a graduation ceremony today at Nkowankowa Community Hall. The graduation was for students who successfully completed a learnership programme in Generic management disaster risk (Nqf level 4) and Local Economic Development ( NQF level 6) . Nkhensani Baloyi from Nkowankowa received her LED certificate and thanked LGSETA and Greater Tzaneen Municipality for the opportunity to study, she said "I believe that with the skills acquired I'll find a job that will help me to provide for my family Leah Mokgalaotse an Admin Officer in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality said"I joined the municipality without any disaster management course and knowledge but today I received a qualification in disaster management and this is a great Honour". The learnership programmes were funded by LGSETA, and VPK business venture was appointed to facilitate the programme. 29 graduates received their certificates in Generic management disaster risk NQ Level 4 and 20 youth received their National certificates in Local economic development NQ level 6.
The one year learnership programmes started in 2017 and ended in December 2018.
Brian Mashala the Skills Development Practitioner in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality said "The aim of this programme is to afford an opportunity to unemployed youth to acquire a qualifications".
Margaret Marakalala the Provincial Manager of LGSETA congratulated the graduates and thanked all the stakeholders who cooperated until the end of the programme. "Go out there and use the skills obtained for the development of our country"

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Starting in Bela Bela on Wednesday 15 May 2019, the Tour de Limpopo is a four-day stage race which heads to the capital city Polokwane where they stay for the night, before heading to Tzaneen where they stay for two nights before returning to Polokwane on 18 May 2019 to finish the tour at the Peter Mokaba Stadium. It is the second consecutive international road cycling stage race to be hosted in Limpopo. The fully catered is a UCI AfricaTour
2.2 stage race for professional cycling teams.
The Tour de Limpopo sets a new precedent in stage racing. One that will develop and leave a legacy of continued and sustained cycling development, investment into community SMMEs as service providers to the event, and to showcase Limpopo Province as a premier Adventure Tourism destination with so much to enjoy.

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The communities of Lenyenye and Khujwani including their surrounding areas will soon benefit from the project of upgrading the Lenyenye to Khujwani road. 
The road is one of several infrastructure projects approved by Council for implementation in the 2019/2020 financial year. The road which is 5.8-kilometer long road will be upgraded from gravel to tar. The project is aimed at improving access between Lenyenye Township to Khujwani Village, the road will also include paved access the graveyard. 

Lenyenye resident Alice Modiba says “the new road comes as a relief, we will now have faster and better access to Khujwana and other places after we have struggled before.”

According to Olga Tshisevhe, GTM Manager for roads and stormwater, the scope of work for the tar road project includes the repairing and construction of stormwater concrete channels and culverts, construction of guard rails along the road and gabion retaining walls, road marking and road signs. 

GTM will spend an estimated R31.5 million on the project. Eighteen people from the nearby communities have already been employed in the project and there is a plan to employ additional 16 people before the project is completed in 2022, this is according to EPWP Officer in the GTM Miyelani Shandlale.

The Mayor of GTM Maripe Mangena believes that the multimillion-rand project will make a noticeable difference to the lives of about 3145 households residing in both communities.

Councillor Roniel Rikhotso, ward Councillor of Khujwana Village says the community is pleased about the project which is expected to bring development to both communities “the road will also provide an alternative shortcut to the two places and the local complex in Maake plaza beside the R36 road.” Said Rikhotso. 

By Vutivi Makhubele



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Mulati is a community of almost 2000 people living in 701 households, this is according to Statistics South Africa household survey. The vehicle population in Mulati is way below average and public transport ratio is one mini-bus per 900 people. According to sources, only two mini-bus taxis operate in Mulati. These taxis transport residents to and from the village to the R529 or Letsitele. 

“The people of Mulati literally struggle” this according to Josta Banyini, the ward councilor of Ward 25, which Mulati falls under along with Sedan, Mafarana, Ntsako, and Bonn Village. Banyini says whenever it rains the road there is slippery and unusable. “It is the only road into the village, and when it rains everything stops, you cannot go to the clinic, you cannot go to the library and there is no school” Said Banyini

In 2018, the GTM approved a budget for the upgrading of the road from gravel to interlocked bricks paving. The project is estimated to cost R37.2 million over a three year period. “This is a multi-year project funded by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG).” Said John Matlala, the Project Management Unit Manager in the GTM. Matlala said the Mulati project entails the paving of a 5.8 km road with two lanes. “Each lane will be 3.6m wide and there will be a 600mm shoulder on each side,” said Matlala.

Alfred Ramaano, a resident of Mulati said that the road will improve access to the three schools in the area. 
He said access to Jack Mashamba Primary, Mlunghisi Primary and Scotch Maboko High School will improve. The Mulati Library will also become more accessible to local communities. 

Matlala said that the scope of work also includes all road signs, markings, and roadside furniture. Matlala added that adjoining roads will be given access and surface bellmouths. 

In January 2019, the municipality handed over the road to a contractor, who has already started with preparations which include site establishment and hiring of labourers.

By Neville Ndlala

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The street that serves as a boundary between Nkowankowa Section B and Nkowankowa Section D, commonly known as Mbambamencisi (meaning the search for a matchbox) has been a source of pain for road users and local residents. 

This is soon to change as the Greater Tzaneen Municipality is currently implementing a project to upgrade the street from gravel to interlocked bricks paving. An area measuring 1.5km in length will be paved. “People have been complaining about the street before I became a ward councilor and finally the project to upgrade the street is in progress,” said Thandy Mpenyana. 

“The project started in October 2018 and should be completed by the end of May this year (2019)” said Manana Andries from Project management unit. From June 2019 the community of Nkowankowa will no longer have to wait for a long time to access taxis and buses to work, schools, shopping centers, and other service centers. 

According to Nyasha Manyunga, a resident of Nkowankowa D during rainy seasons the situation becomes worse, the road would be full of water because the drainage system installed previously was poor.
Manyunga says taxis do not come to “our side” so it is a struggle for us as commuters”. 
Manyunga again said he believes the upgraded street will come with a proper drainage system as the place is low lying. 

“The project entails the paving of the 1.5km street with 80mm grey interlocking paving blocks as well as stormwater drainage”. 

The project has not benefited the community of ward 21 with the road only but it has also created jobs for many people in the area. “I have been without a job for 5 years and I’m glad this project brought change in my life. With the stipend I get every month I am able to provide for my two children who are in tertiary institutions” said Beauty Mabena, the Community Liaison Officer of the project.
According to John Matlala the Manager of the Project management Unit in the municipality, the municipality appointed Makasana Construction to do the R 8.7 million project. Ryntex consulting engineering has been appointed as the consultants of the road project.

By Patricia Muchabi


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Greater Tzaneen Municipality scooped two awards in the recently held SALGA Speakers Forum hosted at Karibu Leisure Resort. The municipality won the award for “Leading municipality in the provision of tools of trade/councilor welfare and support”. The second award was for the “Most functional Rules and Ethics Committee in Mopani District Municipality”. 
Council Speaker, Councillor Dikeledi Mmetle said that the awards were testimony that the municipality has strong and serious about good governance. 
Winnie Baloyi who is the Manager for records and Administration a division that is responsible for council support said that a well-functioning council is critical in every municipality. She added that all 67 councilors of the municipality have either a laptop or tablet with access to the internet. “All councilors and the seven traditional representatives in council get 5gig of internet data per month,” said Baloyi. 
Justice Ramodipa who is a ward councilor in Ward 31 and the Chairperson of the Rules and Ethics Committee in the municipality said the award was as a result of teamwork. “As the leader of the committee, I encourage my fellow committee members to continue with the hard work and to attend meeting regularly” 
He said the support staff we very “supportive” and urged them to continue with their support and advice. the Rules and Ethics Committee deals with councilor conduct as well as the conduct of members of all the municipality’s 35 ward committees. 
Amongst other reasons for the win was the municipality’s provision of effective secretarial support to its council and its council committees. Other notable tools of trade include the municipality’s two 15 seater minibus taxis that transport councilors to oversight visits and other business of the municipality.

By Neville Ndlala

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality will hold budget consultation meetings in all 35 Wards on 7 and 14 April 2019.

Venues and times will be released in due course.

Residents are adviced and encouraged to attend in numbers.

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Greater Tzaneen Municipality Mayor, Councilor Maripe Mangena proved that he is a man of his word when he donated seedlings worth R100, 000, 00 to emerging famers following a commitment that he made during the Tzaneen Agricultural Expo Gala Dinner on the 20th of August 2018 at Sima Silver Lodge. 
On Friday the 15th of March 2019, the Mayor invited 32 farmers to WD Seedlings in Tzaneen to present them with the seedlings. “I hope that this contribution will go a long way in assisting you grow as farmers, this is a gesture by the municipality to support and encourage farming which I believe will help grow the economy of our municipality and create jobs for our people” said the Mayor . 
The municipality teamed up with and the Department of Agriculture to identify 32 beneficiaries which according to Nontokozo Zwane, the Manager for the Department of Agriculture’s Tzaneen Office were identified from all 35 wards in the Greater Tzaneen municipality. 
Zwane continued to say “In partnership with GTM we provide the necessary training and resources to ensure that our emerging farmers are well catered for, and this is partly the support we give them.”
Director for Planning and Economic Development in the GTM Benjamin Mathebula says “Funding for the seedlings was raised during the Agricultural Expo Golf tournament which is part of the Agricultural Expo.”
On behalf of the farmers, Melita Letsoalo, the youngest farmer in the group said that she was very pleased to receive the seedlings for her family farm in Haenertsburg , “At first I thought I would just attend a workshop for a day, I never thought that it would lead to all of this.”
Mangena donated 259 000 seedlings to the group of beneficiaries which is made of 14 are women and 10 youths. Amongst the seedlings donated are sweet pepper, hot paper, tomato, beetroot spinach and cabbage.
Mangena said he would love to visit the beneficiaries and check progress. “We will be happy to be invited or to be directed to go to maybe 5, 6, 7 farms to see the seedlings that we have donated here on the 15th of March”. 
Mangena said that he will also want to be invited when the farmers start harvesting to see for himself. 
According Nontokozo Zwane from the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform, the seedlings donated will cover 6.3 hectors of land.

Story by Vutivi Makhubele

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Today the Department of Public Service and Administration(DPSA) launched five community upliftment projects at Gwambeni Secondary School in Xihoko 
village, Greater Tzaneen

The projects are aimed at enhancing community development in limpopo province.

The projects are being imlemented through the Limpopo Provincial Government and the Limpopo Economic development Agency (LEDA).

The projects are as follows: 
• Offline Content to schools without Internet connectivity. The project involves provision of access to offline content such as basic mathematics, dictionary, periodic table, workbooks and most of all previous years exam Papers to improve learning and teaching in schools without Internet connectivity.

• A public works programme focusing on research on alternative building construction materials.

• Emerging Farmers Portal and Mobile Application for farmers to interact with buyers.

• Bio- Diversity Information Management System by the Limpopo Department of Economic Development.

• Limpopo Public Access Heritage Portal and Mobile Application by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

The projects are brought by the Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility, a programme that is facilitated by Department as part of cooperation agreement between the governments of South Africa and the Kingdom of Belgium to improve community development in the country.

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Mayor to participate in election debate

Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Mangena will today (15 March 2019) participate in an election debate to be broadcast live from Nwamitwa Traditional Authority Hall. The debate will be live on MLFM from 17:30 to 19:00.

Different political parties will participate in the debate and the mayor wil deal with issues that relate to the municipality.


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Mulati finally gets its road

Mulati is a community of almost 2000 people living in 701 households and counting, this is according to Statistics South Africa household survey.

The vehicle population in Mulati is way below average and public transport ratio is one mini-bus per 900 people. According to sources, only two mini-bus taxis operate in Mulati. These taxis transport residents to and from the village to the R529 or Letsitele. +

“The people of Mulati literally struggle” this according to Josta Banyini, the ward councillor for ward 25, which Mulati falls under along with Sedan, Mafarana, Ntsako and Bonn. Banyini says whenever it rains the road there is slippery and unusable.

 “It is the only road into the village, and when it rains it’s a struggle”

In 2018, the GTM approved budget for the upgrading of the road from gravel to interlocked paving. The project is estimated to cost R37.2 million over a three year period.

 “This is a multi-year project funded by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG).” Said John Matlala, the Project Management Unit Manager in the GTM. Matlala said the Mulati project entails the paving of a 5.8 km road with two lanes. “Each lane will be 3.6m wide and there will be 600mm shoulder on each side” said Matlala.

John Chauke, a resident of Mulati said that the road will improve access to the three schools in the area.

He said access to Jack Mashamba Primary, Mlunghisi Primary, Scotch Maboko High School will improve. The Mulati library will also become more accessible to local communities.

Matlala said that the scope of work also include all road signs, markings and roadside faniture. Matlala added that adjoining roads will be given access and surface bell mounths.

In January 2019, the municipality handed over the road to a contractor, who has already started with preparations which include site establishment and hiring of labourers

The people of Mulati depend of two mini-bus taxis to travel The nightmare for the people of mulati is about to be transformed into a dream

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Today the Department of Public Service and Administration(DPSA) launched five community upliftment projects at Gwambeni Secondary School in Xihoko village, Greater Tzaneen

The projects are aimed at enhancing community development in limpopo province.

The projects are being imlemented through the Limpopo Provincial Government and the Limpopo Economic development Agency (LEDA).

The projects are as follows:

  • Offline Content to schools without Internet connectivity. The project involves provision of access to offline content such as basic mathematics, dictionary, periodic table, workbooks and most of all previous years exam Papers to improve learning and teaching in schools without Internet connectivity.
  • A public works programme focusing on research on alternative building construction materials.
  • Emerging Farmers Portal and Mobile Application for farmers to interact with buyers.
  • Bio- Diversity Information Management System by the Limpopo Department of Economic Development.
  • Limpopo Public Access Heritage Portal and Mobile Application by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

The projects are brought by the Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility, a programme that is facilitated by Department as part of cooperation agreement between the governments of South Africa and the Kingdom of Belgium to improve community development in the country.


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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality is currently on two-day IDP Lekgotla at Karibu Leisure Resort (from today,Thursday, 7 March 2019 to tomorrow, Friday, 8 March 2019.)

The Lekgotla is attended by all 69 Councillors of the municipality, it's municipal manager, directors and managers.

There is also representation from traditional authorities, various government departments and agencies.

All directors will present on the progress made in the past three years as well as future plans of the municipality.

Mayor Maripe Mangena earlier gave opening remarks urging the delegation to find solutions to the municipality's challenges in order to speed up service delivery.


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Tomorrow, Wednesday, 6 March 2019, the National Arts Council will host a funding Workshop at Lenyenye Community Hall from 8 am to 4 pm.

The following people are invited:

visual artists
music practitioners
writers and aspiring writers

Individual artists and organizations are invited

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Opportunity to join the Military Young people are invited to collect application forms to join the Military (health,navy,air force & msds) You must have matric and be aged between 18-22 or Diploma/degree and be aged between 18-26. Please collect application forms from the GTM Youth Office or from your Ward Councilor. Please contact Collen Mkansi on 0788817943 for more information Closing date is 28 February 2019

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Mayor Maripe Mangena at MLFM

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Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, His Worship Councillor Maripe Mangena will be on Africa Wa Vulavula (Munghana Lonene FM) tommorrow, Friday, 15 February 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00. Mangena will update on service delivery in the municipality, listeners will be allowed to call in and talk to the Mayor.

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GTM TOP BRASS AT MPAC STRATERGIC SESSION Picture 1: Mayor Maripe Mangena delivering the welcome address at the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) Strategic Session at Eiland this morning. and The Speaker of Council, Councilor Dikeledi Mmetle is the Programme Director.

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Mayor Maripe Mangena addressing community representatives at Pharare Village, the community of Pharare has been protesting about a road which the municipality planned to upgrade for gravel to tar. The project has since been put on hold after the MIG refused to approve the project due to the fact that the road is not municipal property. This is a developing story

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New Municipal Sports Facilities now available for use. Please note that the following facilities are now available for use by the general public: • Julesburg Stadium • Runnymede Stadium (between Mavele and Mshiphana) • Burgersdorp Stadium • Nkowankowa C Indoor and Outdoor Sports Center Bookings for Burgersdorp Stadium, Julesburg, Lenyenye Stadium and Lenyenye Community Hall can be made in Lenyenye Municipal Office with Doreen Popela on 015 307 8159 or 083 510 9884 Bookings for Nkowankowa Stadium, Nkowankowa Club House, Nkowankowa Community Hall and Nkowankowa C Indoor and Outdoor Sports Center will be handled in the Nkowankowa Municipal Office by Simon Kgofelo, you can call 015 307 8227 alternatively call him on 0732386778. Tzaneen Public Swimming Pool is open from Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for maintenance. Tickets are sold in the guest house next to the pool at R25 per person. Venue fees will be provided when bookings are made.

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Class of 2018 honoured for excellence The 2018 class of Grade 12 in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) has performed well despite challenges such as gangsterism and dilapidated infrastructure. February 2, 2019 An ordinary public school, DZJ Mtebule Secondary School was the big winner at the GTM Grade 12 Excellence Awards which were held at Karibu Leisure Resort on Friday, January 25. The school from Nkowankowa Township produced the Overall Best Performing Learner in GTM and in the Mopani District Municipality, Gill Homu with a 91,4% pass rate. The school also produced the highest number of bachelors from a public school with 108 bachelors from 203 learners and Shipalana F was named Best Educator in Maths with a 84% pass rate. Some of the learners who were honoured on the day. Meanwhile in the former Model C and Independent schools, it was a battled between Merensky High School, Ben Vorster High School and St George College. Merensky produced the Second Best Perfoming Learner Venter Caming, highest number of bachelors with 142 bachelors from 181 learners and the mathematics educator Hatt Stander. Ben Vorster had the second highest number of bachelors with 111 bachelors from 164 learners, educator, Dayne Atkins produced a 100% pass rate in Life Sciences. St Georges College winnings included produced a 100 % pass rate in mathematics, Best Learner from Independent School in the Nkowankowa Circuit, Hlulani Gala with a 85, 7% pass rate and educator, Chikhavanga K produced 100% pass rate in mathematics, 100% in Life Sciences and it was third in producing highest bachelors from an indepedent school with 78 bachelors from 88 learners. The Tzaneen Circuit was Overall Best Circuit with a 90% pass rate and Nkowankowa Circuit was second with a 77,9% pass rate. N’wanedzi Circuit was named Most Improved Circuit from 43% in 2017 to 51,2% in 2018.
The top three most improved schools were; Mawhawa Hiigh School from 51% to 93,13%, followed by Xibukulwana High school from 32,4% to 68,77% and Tzaneng Combined Farm School from 33,3% to 69,5%. The occasion was honoured the Deputy Minister of Small Business Development; Member of Parliament, Emma Ndlovu; Traditional authorities which included Hosi N’wamitwa, Nkuna Tribal Authority and Modjadji Tribal Authority among others. Homu was given a chance to speak and she had nothing but words of gratitude to her teachers calling them warriors. She will be studying Actuarial Sciences at the University of Cape Town. Louisa Dambuza; Phillip Dambuza, DZJ Mtebule Principal and Overall Best Learner, Gill Homu. The Mayor of GTM, Maripe Mangena appluaded the class of 2018 and wished them well with their studies in conclusion. CREDIT: Story published by Letaba Herald and written by Tintswalo Shipalana

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Mayor to host 2019 Excellence Awards Mayor Maripe Mangena will honor Matric Class of 2018 on the 25th January 2019 during the Mayor's Excellence Awards to be held Karibu Leisure Resort at 08:00. The Mayor will honour circuit managers, schools, educators and learners for outstanding performance in the 2018 matric exams and academic year. Please contact Patricia Muchabi for media enquries on 0780551785

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Our offices have been trashed by workers recently laid off after their contracts expired. The workers were employed as litter pickers by a service provider whose contract expired end of 2018. We are locked in a meeting trying to resolve the impasse. At the moment clients can not access our offices, however some municipal officials are in their offices. We are busy with negotiations and we are hopeful things will likely return to normality by this afternoon.

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On Friday, 26 October 2018 Eskom launched their “Come Clean, be legal” campaign for the Greater Tzaneen Municipality at Nkowankowa Community Hall. The campaign according to, Eskom’s Provincial Manager for Energy Trading, Lethekwane Mothogoane is aimed at encouraging customers who are using but not paying for Eskom electricity to come forward and get amnesty.
Mothogoane said that “Those who come clean will not be disconnected and Eskom will not charge them for period that they did not pay for electricity used.

Customers who fall under the category that Eskom is targeting include those with tampered meters, bypassed meters, faulty meters, illegally connected meters, illegal prepaid electricity vouchers and meters not installed by Eskom approved service providers.

Customers who come clean will only pay a R3000 remedial fee while those who refuse to report themselves will have to fork out R6000 and will be disconnected until the amount is fully paid. Mothogoane said that those who illegally reconnect themselves will be prosecuted. 
Addressing the gathering, Mayor Maripe Mangena welcomed the initiative but cautioned Eskom to work with ward councillors and community stakeholders for the campaign to be a success.

Mangena said that those who can have the means pay for electricity must pay and those who cannot must be able to fill in the necessary forms for exemption or to get help from the municipality.

The mayor also took the opportunity to call on Eskom to intensify their community social investment. “I want to one day to be invited to open of Crèche built by Eskom here in Tzaneen to an even where Eskom will announce that 20 young people from Mopani will be taken to university by Eskom”

Eskom is reportedly losing R20 billion annually due to illegal connections. Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State and Kwazulu-Natal have been identified as the hotspots for illegal connection.

Eskom is calling on the community to report those people they suspect of illegal connection.


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Runnymede gets R10 000 for harvesting the most addresses

Council Speaker Dikeledi Mmetle today (Friday, 19 October 2018) handed over R10 000 to the ward committees of Runnymede Cluster for harvesting the most addresses in the "Address Harvesting Programme" of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

GTM has been working on the IEC campaign to get physical addresses for voters in preparation for the 2019 general election.

The constitutional court ruled in 2016 that the voters roll should contain addresses of voters and gave the IEC 18 months to fix the problem.

Runnymede cluster which is made of 7 wards (2, 3, 4, 5,6,12 & 13) has visited 1636 voters in three weeks. All four cluster which include Lesedi, Relela and Bulamahlo


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Greater Tzaneen Municipality



Work to upgrade the Agatha Cemetery next to Flora Park has begun and is expected to be concluded by the end of November 2018. The project incorporates the construction of a drainage system to control soil erosion as well as grabbing and clearing to make provision for new graves.

A river stream exists between the area currently used for burial and the new site where new graves will be located, this makes it impossible to access the new site. As part of the upgrade a 2.4m x 1.8m low level bridge will be built across the river stream to allow mourners and families access to the new site. The new gravesite will cover 1.7 hectors.

Mayor Maripe Mangena said that the project will address numerous complaints raised by residents in relation to the state of the cemetery and the fact that the commentary has reached its capacity. The project will cost R3.5 million inclusive of professional fees. Moepeng Trading 40 cc was appointed as the contractor.

Cemeteries in Nkowankowa and Lenyenye have also reached their capacities. The municipality has established a new cemetery to cater for Lenyenye. In Nkowankowa there is still a legal dispute on the land earmarked for the extension. The matter is still before the courts.

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Acting Mayor Councillor Star Mbhalati today presented to Council the Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC) 1st Runner-up Award won by the GTM during the 7th Greneest Municipality Awards held at the Southern Sun, Empangeni, Durban on 14 August 2018. The Award comes with a trophy and R3 million prize money. The special council is currently underway at the Council Chambers in the Civic Center in Tzaneen.
In the picture are from left to right: Aleck Nkuna (Director for Community Services, Councillor Lettie Hlangwane (Head of the Health , Environment & Social Services and member of EXCO), Councillor Star Mbhalati (Acting Mayor) and Thapelo Matlala (Municipal Manager).

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Special Council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality in session at the Council Chambers in the Civic Center in Tzaneen.

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Greater Tzaneen has unveiled new revamped stadium

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Public Notice

Following the call made by Limpopo Premier Hon. Chupu Stan Mathabatha for young people to submit their CV for potential opportunities that may arise from the Special Economic Zones (SEZ's), the Limpopo Youth Development Directorate invites all unemployed youth in Limpopo to submit their CV

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Councillor Cassius Machimana welcoming the Phelophepha Train, the train is in Tzaneen for two weeks.

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Greater Tzaneen Municipality
6 July at 11:00 *

MDM Launch Water Projects

Mopani District Mayor Nkakareng Rakgoale and Greater Tzaneen Municipality Mayor Maripe Mangena are in Thapane Village to handover Consultants and Constractors to the community for the Thapane Water scheme Project.

The two mayors will go to Runnymede Village to launch another Water Project. Also present are councillors from both Municipalities and Members of the Community.

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Annual Local Youth Month Commemoration

Mayor Maripe Mangena will host the Annual Youth Month Celebration at Letaba Showgrounds at 10am. 

NYDA Chaiperson Sfiso Mtsweni will be one of the speakers. 800 young people are expected to attend the event. 

There will be exhibitions...

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SOMA roadshow with Mayor Maripe Mangena.

Mayor Maripe Mangena earlier today with Team Hlokwa la Tsila.

The Mayor briefed listeners about his State of if the Municipal Address delivered on Friday, 25 May 2018, He also answered questions from callers. Mangena is on the SONA roadshow, tomorrow night he will be on Capricorn FM.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality will host a free digital skills training on Sutarday, 02 June 2018 from 9am at the Tzaneen Library at the Civic Center

The training will be conducted by Digital Skill for Africa in Partnership with Digititan. The programme is supported by Google. If you fall in any of the catergories below, this training is ideal for you. Categories: Learners, Job seekers University/college students and Small business owners For more information please contact North Mabunda on 063 414 3493

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Message of condolences to the Mandela Family

On behalf the people of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, let me express our deepest sadness on the passing of Mama Winnie Mandela, the mother of the nation and a struggle icon.

Mama Winnie was an embodiment of gallantry and fearlessness, a social worker and a liberator,  

Let me send our deepest condolences to the Mandela and Madikizela families for their loss. You must remember that your loss is our loss. The nation has now been deprived of a voice of reason.

Mama Winnie was a unifier and South Africa’s celestial intervention who remained unshaken in the face of unimaginable evil.

Her unflinching determination to dismantle the evil apartheid regime delivered us in land of self-determination and egalitarianism from the land of the disenfranchised and the oppressed.

We are indebted for our liberties to her unwavering and relentless pursuit for a better, free and equal society.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.  

From: His Worship Mayor, Cllr. Maripe Mangena

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New Municipal Manager meets municipal officials

Tuesday, 03 April 2018:  Newly appointed municipal manager Serapelo (Thapelo) Matlala was formally introduced the GTM’s workforce in short ceremony held at the civic centre’s council chambers on Tuesday morning. Addressing officials and councillors, Mayor Maripe Mangena said that “I must indicate that Hollywood is coming to an end here in Tzaneen”. The municipality’s top administrative positions have been vacant for an extensive period and acting directors had to be appointed.


This led to some referring to the GTM as Hollywood. Mangena said that they were excited that finally top management positions were being filled. Five of the top management position are now occupied. The position of Chief Financial Officer and Director for Engineering Services are still vacant, however Mangena indicated that the process to fill the position of CFO has been concluded and that the incumbent will start on 1 May 2018. The Mayor also pointed out that the process of filling the director position for engineering services was at an advance stage but not yet completed.


In his maiden address to GTM officials Matlala said “It feels good to be here”. Matlala continued “My responsibility is very simple, it might be difficult but it’s very simple, it is to support you, it is to make you to be able to do your job, if you have a problem in doing your job, I must be able to help you do that job. He also said “


Matlala said “We must be the best municipality in Limpopo and if possible in South Africa”. We must be a model for local government” He said there only reason to have joined GTM was to make in a model municipality and the best in the province and beyond.   


Before joining the GTM Matlala served as the Provincial Executive Officer for SALGA Limpopo. He was also Manager for Municipal Capacity Building at Trade Investment Limpopo (TIL) from 2004 to 2010. He has held several leadership position in the public sector. Matlala holds a B Tech in Public Management from Unisa, an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law from University of Johannesburg, and a National Diploma ain Municipal Administration Technikon Mangosuthu.


Matlala also plans to engage all staff members in a bigger meeting to “chat a way forward”.


Mangena who was flanked by members of his Executive also introduced Aleck Nkuna who also starts as the Director for Community Services on a five year contract. Nkuna has previously served as director for community services at Greater Letaba Municipality and recently held the position of Provincial Programme Manager at the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA) Limpopo. Nkuna holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Limpopo formerly University of the North. He holds an array of management certificates and programmes from institutions such as the Wits Business School, Regenesys and University of Limpopo.


The other directors are Walter Shibamba for Corporate Services, Benjamin Mathebula for Planning and Economic Development and Sam Lelope for Electrical Engineering.


Report by Neville Ndlala

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The Council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has appointed the following senior management on the 27 February 2018:


  • Serapelo (Thapelo) Matlala as the Municipal Manager
  • Benjamin Mathebula Mathebula as Director for Planning and Economic Development (PED)
  • Aleck Nkuna as Director for Community Services


All have been appointed on a 5 year fixed contract. They are all expected to start on 1 March 2018.

Council wishes all the appointees the best of luck on their new roles and hopes that they deliver to the people of Tzaneen

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality advertised over 20 jobs last week and already several applicants have been robbed of their hard earned money by individuals who promised them municipal jobs in exchange for cash.

The municipality has issued warnings on previous occasions, however our people continue to fall victim to this scam.

The municipality or any of its official will never ask for money in exchange for a job/s. The recruitment process of the municipality is regulated and there are various stakeholders involved.

No single individual can make an appointment singlehanded.

Human resources and departments sit in interview panels and recommend to the municipal manager on positions lower than that of directors. Labour Unions observe the process for fairness and legality.

You must be cautious of those who approach you with these impossible promises. You must also remember that paying someone for a job is criminal offence.

Those who pay in exchange for favour are as corrupt as those who take the money to dish out favours. Our government has taken a hard-line approach to corruption.

Please alert the police if anyone offers you a municipal job for cash or any favour.

There are also a contact numbers on all the adverts for further information.

Please spread the message to as many people as possible before they too become victims.

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The Mayor and MEC for Transport agree to resume operations at Nkowa-Nkowa Testing station


Mayor and MEC for transport agree to resume operations at Nkowankowa Testing station

The MEC for Transport, Makoma Makhurupetsi and Mayor Maripe Mangena agreed in meeting held in Tzaneen today to reopen the Nkowankowa Testing Station after it stopped rendering services on 12 December 2017.

In December 2017 four testing officers from the municipality, another seconded by the department of transport and three members of the public were arrested in sting operation. The accused were arrested on 12 December 2017 with others handing themselves to the police a few days after.

All appeared in the Nkowankowa Magistrate Court where they were all released on a R5000 bail each. They will appear again on 16 February 2018 at the same court. The four officers were served with suspension letters on December and have since been on suspension.

The testing station will most likely be reopened on Monday, 22 January 2018 after the completion of all administrative processes which the mayor and MEC met to finalize. The two leaders met with driving school owners who raised an array of issues which the MEC promised to attend to.

On Tuesday driving school owners disrupted testing services at the tzaneen testing station demanding the reopening of Nkowankowa station, they blocked the routes used for testing leaners with their trucks which they removed after the municipality made an undertaking to reopen on Monday.

The municipality has since secured the services of four testing officers. The officers of which two are from the municipality and the other two from the department of transport were sent to a refresher course which they all successfully completed.

Speaking at the Nkowankowa testing station Makhurupetsi said that it was unfair to deny residents services due to corruption.

She said her Deparment will root out corruption in the testing stations across the province. She said that corruption was now institutionalize and that she had personal experience of officers demanding bribes in exchange for a license.

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MEC for Economic Development Environment and Tourism Seaparo Sekoati, Mayor Maripe Mangena, Acting District Senior Manager for Tzaneen Sontaga Mopai, Tzaneen Circuit Manager Felix Nomvela and representatives from SATDU visited Ben Voster today as part of the Back to School Campaign.

The MEC delivered a motivational and congratulatory to learners and later to educators. He congratulated the school for introducing African languages to the curriculum and for accommodating leaners living with disability.

He pledged government support to the school in order to assist the school sustain it excellence. He said other schools can learn from the school. He recommended that the school establish a twinning agreement with a disadvantaged school in order to spread the great work.

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Mayor Maripe Mangena addressed learners and educators at Merensky High School today as part of the Back to School Campaign. He was accompanied by District Senior Manager and the Tzaneen Circuit Manager alongside officials from the Premier's Office, LEDET and the GTM.

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While others were deep in their sleep from the New Year’s Eve hangover Mayor Maripe Mangena was already deep into his ceremonial duties, welcoming New Year’s Day babies. Mangena dressed in a blue shirt and blue jeans arrived at Dr CN Phatudi hospital with the first lady just a few minutes before 8am, the time scheduled for the start of his ceremonial responsibilities. They were not alone, Tzaneen’s fist family was trailed by a group made up of councillors, municipal officials and community members, some representing political parties.

Just like on Christmas day, the hospital has successfully delivered two babies and coincidentally both mothers are from Burgersdorp not far from the hospital. Mangena and his entourage also visited the paediatric ward where seven children were to spend New Year’s Day before leaving for Letaba hospital.

Mangena arrived a Letaba hospital where two babies were prepared for presentation, but there seem to be some form of miscommunication in relation to the mayor’s arrival time. The Mayor arrived at 10:30 on Christmas day but an hour earlier on New Year’ Day. It took at least 45 minutes before things got underway, but the visitors remain patient despite the scotching heat.  Finally Matron Mashapa, the nursing manager arrived and things got underway.

It was a very short but celebratory programme full of singing and clapping. Praises were showered at all directions, to the mayor, the nurses and the mothers. Mangena thanked the nurses for their work which he said “save lives”. Matron Mashapa said “We appreciate the gifts and the time you made for our Christmas babies and for sacrificing your time to be here today (New Year’s Day”. Sister Khumalo thanked the mothers for showing confidence in the hospital and the nurses for preserving the lives of both babies and their mothers. The mood at Letaba Hospital was so jubilant that the mayor, his entourage and nurses danced and sang from the maternity hallway all the way to the gate to the amazement onlookers.

Running behind schedule, the entourage sped off to Van Velden Hospital where two mothers waited with their babies. Only one baby was born at the hospital, the other was delivered at home but the both mother and child had to be admitted. It was so hot on the day that the ceremony had to be taken to another room either than the one initially identified.

At the hospital the Mayor met Lesedi, a fourth-year medical student who had come to give toys to children at the hospital through a foundation she established in 2016. Her foundation “Put a smile” indeed put a smile on the faces of children at the paediatric ward at the hospital as she gave each one a toy. It was all formalities, mothers got their gifts from the first lady and a pep talk from the mayor. Wisani Tshuketani, the hospital’s Community Liaison Officer promised to give the two mothers the gifts from the hospital the next day. 

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Mayor Maripe Mangena and the first lady Mrs Mangena showered Christmas babies with gifts in three hospitals they visited on Christmas. GTM’s first family supported by councillors and officials began their 4-hour programme at Dr CN Phatudi Hospital where two babies were born, however the Mayor could only see one baby as the other was delivered towards the end of the visit and still required cleansing before contact with the outside world. The responsibility to welcome the baby was left to Councillor Gezani Makhubele who replaced the Mayor as the ward councillor for ward 27 in the 2016 local government elections.

While at the CN Mangena has volunteered to name the new bundle of joy, something that seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Mangena did not only meet new borns, he visited the paediatric or the children’s ward where he handed gifts to three boys.

The mayor’s convoy sped-off immediately after the conclusion of all the formalities to Letaba hospital where only baby Khuthalo was delivered almost two hours earlier at 07H27.

After all the pleasantries were exchanged and the mayor had addressed those present it was off to Van Velden hospital where three babies awaited the mayor and his people. Another baby was said to be on the way but not until the mayor was long gone.  At Van Velden the mothers received gifts from the Mayor and from the Hospital’s CEO.

The entourage‘s next stop was the paediatric ward where four boys spent their Christmas. All four received gifts from the mayor.

Mangena has reminded nurses at all the three hospitals of the significant role that they play in society. “Most of you as nurses mostly get insults from members of the public, I want to thank you for the role that you play in society, your work saves lives and we appreciate the work that you do”. Mangena said that instead of celebrating Christmas with their families the nurses were hard at work. 

Addressing the parents Mangena said that babies did not only belong to their parents but to the community at large. He said “That’s why government is going to take responsibility to take care of the baby, educate the baby and so forth” He urged the parents to take good care of their children.

Mangena will again visit the three hospital to welcome New Year babies on the 1st of January 2018.

Report by Neville Ndlala

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First lady of Greater Tzaneen Municipality Precious Mangena recognized women councillors and management in the Mopani region ranging from Managers to Mayors and treated them to a meal. The lunch was served at Sima Lodge in Tzaneen on the 30th of November 2017.

The ladies who honoured the invitation were colourfully dressed in white, yellow and lime which was the theme of the day, they included GTM female councillors and managers, former GTM first lady Fony Muswana, Executive Mayor of Mopani Nkakareng Rakgoale, and Greater Letaba Municipality councillors.

The first lady commended the ladies for making the effort to look beautiful and honouring the invitation. “The main aim of today’s gathering is to appreciate all of you for your hard work and give you a well-deserved break”. She also acknowledged and appreciated the main sponsor of the day Wisani Burial for their continuous support throughout the year.

Mangena invited motivational speaker Siyani Shihundla to motivate the hard working women, she narrated her story of poverty to success to the keen audience “I started working as a domestic worker and worked my way up” she spoke.

Beauty Therapist Kgaugelo Maponya of Devine Glamour Spa was invited to share beauty tips with the first lady’s guests. “It is important for a lady to care of herself in order to boost your self-esteem, women must use beauty products to keep clean and enhance their beauty”.

Speaker of GTM Council Dikeledi Mmetle encouraged the ladies to work together and support one onother “the speakers here today said a mouthful and left us motivated, let us put in to use what we have been taught today.

The ladies cheered and sang along as they were entertained by the Wisani Burial Choir to different songs. Each of the ladies left with to a goodie bag filled with beauty products courtesy of Wisani Burial.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality hereby invites grade 12 learners residing in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) intending to enrol in institutions of higher learning for 2018 to apply for the Mayor’s Student Financial Aid Scheme (MSFAS).

MSFAS was created to assist academically deserving learners from poor backgrounds to register in tertiary institutions with a view that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) will finance them further.

The MSFAS has assisted over 450 students since its inception and GTM continues to increase the MSFAS budget annually to cater for more students.

Applicants must attach the following documents to their application forms: 
- Proof of residence from ward councillors 
- Proof of parents’ income
- Recent grade 12 academic record
- Certified copy of ID
- Proof of registration for 2018
- A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
- A one page Motivational Letter.

Application forms are available from 01 December 2017 at GTM, Agatha Street, in the Mayor’s Office, the Communications and Marketing Offices, ward councillors, municipal offices and from our website at (also follow us on Facebook: Greater Tzaneen Municipality)

Completed forms with attachments must be sent to: P.O. Box 24, Tzaneen, 0850 to reach GTM offices on or before the closing date, or preferably hand delivered and recorded at the Mayor’s Office. Faxed and emailed applications will not be considered.

The closing date for submission of application forms is 17 January 2018
at 15h30

NB: Please note that MSFAS only pays registration fee.

Enquiries: Tsietsi Manyama or Collen Mkhansi at 015 307 8007/8333

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Greater Tzaneen Municipality

The Greater Tzaneen Municipality won the best team catergory on 30 November 2017 at Premier
Service Excellence Awards held at the Ranch Hotel for the Community Safety Forum (CSF). GTM's
CSF was instrumental in dealing with issues of gangsterism in places such as Dan Village and Xihoko
Team GTM was made of politicians and officials led by Mayor Maripe Mangena, Speaker Dikeledi
Mmetle, Chief Whip Cromwel Nhemo and the Acting Municipal Manager Sam Lelope


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I would like to take this opportunity and wish all grade 12 learners sitting for the final matric examination all the best of luck.

This is the time where you will reap what you sew. The hard work, weekend classes and those sleepless nights will finally come to fruition.

I have the utmost confidence that you will all rise above this small but significant hurdle in your lives.

I trust that you will succeed and realise your dream of studying in a tertiary institution of your choice in pursuit of career of your choice.

Our government is ready and waiting to assist you further your studies whether in the FETs, university and a technical college.

We will off course reward outstanding performance, so this another reason to work even harder.

As young people you are the future of this nation and we need to have confidence that this country will be in good hands long after we are gone. 

I urge all parents to support their children at this critical time by giving them space and time to focus on the task at hand.


Good luck, remember hard work pays.

Mayor of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, Councillor Maripe Mangena

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Please be kindly informed that our public swimming pool in Tzaneen is currently closed due to the unavailability of a lifeguard.

Our lifeguard has been admitted in hospital and we are by law unable to operate without a lifeguard.


The lifeguard has been booked off until 4 November 2017.


We are not 100 % certain whether he will be available immediately after the 4th of November 2017.


The pool is however available for organized swimming events provided they have qualified lifeguard.


We apologize for any inconvenience, please be patient.


We will notify you as soon as the pool is open to the public.

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Kindly be informed of planned electricity disruption scheduled to take place on Sunday, 22 October 2017. This is due to maintenance work that will be done at our main substation.

The disruption will start at 04H30am and is expected to last the entire day. Residents are advised to switch off all electrical appliances to avoid damage that may arise due to the disruption.


Please note that the following areas will be affected, the whole Tzaneen, Nkowankowa, Lenyenye, Hannertsburg, Muhlava, Politsi.Petanenge, Gavaza, and surrounding areas.

Letsitele area will not be affected

Power is expected back at 16H00, it could be earlier than that.

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Please be kindly informed that due to mechanical problems with our waste management fleet certain areas in Tzaneen will not receive waste removal services.

We apologize for any inconvenience and urge our residents to be patient, as we seek as speedy resolution to this problem.


Please contact 015 307 8238 for further details.

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For pricing, arrangements and conditions read the information below

Please note that the Tzaneen Public Swimming pool is now open to the general public from Wednesday to Sunday every week from 10am to 6pm.

The pool will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Entry fee is R20, 00 per person per day with an exception of kids 3 years old and younger as well as pensioners in possession of their pension card.

Please note that the following fees will be applicable as per below categories:

  • A monthly ticket is R145, 00 per person
  • School going children pay R80, 00 per month
  • A season ticket is R900, 00 per person
  • Local school galas or aquatic sport events will be R300, 00 per event.
  • Provincial and National school galas or aquatic sport events pay R600.00
  • All other functions at the swimming pool (except school functions) will be charged at R550.00 per booking plus a refundable deposit of R1000.00.
  • Swimming lessons done at remuneration by trainees during working hours per season, per instructor is R3000.00 for 3 lanes at 10 persons per lane for 2 hours a day or R20.00 per person, 10 persons per lane for 2 hours for all categories i.e. Juniors, Seniors etc.
  • Entry is free for school children in groups during school hours provided that prior permission is granted by the municipality.


A teacher shall at all times exercise direct supervision over the children at the swimming pool.

The children shall not be allowed to stay in the water for a period exceeding 60 minutes, and school children must leave the premises not later than 13h00.

R450.00 per hour per life guard shall be payable for life guard services outside the specified working hours.

Swimming development and coaching requirements must be met by any interested person or organization to conduct swimming and coaching development at the Tzaneen Public Swimming pool.

Please note that tickets are only available at municipal offices in Tzaneen, Nkowankowa, Lenyenye, Letsitele Library and Haenertsburg Library.

No persons will be allowed at the public swimming pool without a valid ticket.

Monthly and season ticket holders must produce their identity cards that match the information on their tickets.

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Mayor calls for a fight against abuse

By Neville Ndlala & Vutivi Makhubele

The Mayor of Greater Tzaneen Municipality Maripe Mangena urged men to take a stand against women and child abuse during an anti-gender violence held in Tzaneen on 2 June in Tzaneen. Mangena alongside with Municipal Speaker Councillor Dikeledi Mmetle led the march from the civic centre through the streets of the CBD.

The two leaders were joined by municipal employees, councillors and ordinary residents as well as members of various community structures such as the Men’s forum, GTM Youth Council, ward committees, labour unions, FAMSA, Tzaneen LGBT community, ANC women’s league, and the business fraternity. 

Councillor Cassius Machimana, the head of special programmes in the municipality and chairperson for the Men’s Forum said that the killing of Karabo Mokoena, Courtney Pierters and River Steenkamp in the hands of people they trusted was evidence that domestic violence affected everyone. He said statistics show that a woman is killed every six hours in the country. He said as men they are saying that the carnage has to come to a stop. Machimana called on men to take a lead in the protection of women’s rights.

Eric Mabunda, a peer educator at FAMSA who is gay said that they joined the march to highlight the plight of the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community.  He said there was still hate crime against LGBTs in Tzaneen. He said it was hard for them to live freely in society because there is intolerance against gays and lesbians.

Jamaica Letsoalo also gay said that they wanted to land a hand in the fight against violence on women. He said that he is a victim of hate crime “I’m a victim of hate crime, I was gay-bashed by four guys and I’m partially impaired”.

The march was aimed at shinning a spotlight on women and child abuse. “This initiative is meant to educate men about abuse and to show that not all men are abusers and those are men who fight to stop the abuse of women. Participants in the march carried placards some reading “Children deserve to be happy, healthy and safe” and “Marriage is about love not gender”

In a memorandum handed over to the South African Police Services (SAPS), the marchers pleaded with the SAPS to prioritise cases of abuse, they also called on the NPA to call for longer sentences to abusers. 

It was also mentioned in the memorandum that Street Committees, Community Policing Forums and Community Safety Forums should be active and assist in fighting crimes in communities.

In wrapping up the march, the mayor said “We have had enough of abuse and we cannot tolerate it any longer than we have”. Mangena said “As long as there are more people in the community than offenders, we can fight them and defeat them if we unite against crime.”




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GTM brainstorm

Crime fighting ideas


The Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM), hosted a Safety and Security Colloquium at Hotel@Tzaneen on 31 May 2017.

Speaking at the Colloquium Obby Mkhombo, Director of Community Services said that the colloquium was organised to share information and ideas in relation to safety and security matters. He said the gathering will also discuss ways to address crime affecting GTM residents and visitors.

Addressing the colloquium Major Gen Maggy Mathebula, Tzaneen Cluster Commander said that rape, attempted murder, car-jacking, business and house robberies are some of the crimes that are problematic within the GTM area.

The general called on members of the community to provide information to the police to help fight crime. She said that people needed to stop protecting criminals is this renders the SAPS less effecting in combating crime.

Other speakers included Professor Kholofelo Mothibi, from the University of Venda. The professor presented on various safety and security issues the community.


GTM Mayor Maripe Mangena sent out a message to criminals to find a new hiding place because he said that the government, police and other stakeholders are working together to reduce crime in Tzaneen.

The Colloquium said that the provision of information and feedback to the community will prevent unnecessary and unlawful protests.

Another suggestion was the service awareness or civic education campaigns. They said this will assist ordinary community members understand on how governmental projects are run.  

The colloquium was attended by stakeholders such as Councillors, Ward Committee members, SAPS, the business sector, religious community, and traditional leaders, Community Policing Forum, National Prosecuting Authority and Community Safety Forum.

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11 April 2017: Councilors and directors hosted a farewell dinner at Sima Silver Lodge for the outgoing municipal manager, Republic Monakedi who is joining Mopani District Municipality as a Municipal Manager from the 1st of May. 

Speaking at the farewell Mayor Maripe Mangena thanked all political leaders for the achievements that were made in Monakedi's presence. He said the transition from former Mayor Dikeledi Mmetle the current speaker of council to himself was smooth.

The mayor said  "Some of us completely did not want him, but he proved us wrong when he arrived here". He described Monakedi as dynamic and versatile" 

Mangena said that they learnt not to personalize municipal issues from him and it's a lesson he felt that all must take. "What I like about the MM, is that with him you are never at conflict, he has conflict resolution skills. Council is at peace because of him. He is humble because even with his provincial responsibilities he never undermined Councillors." Said Mangena 

Dikeledi Mmetle who was Mayor when Monakedi joined the municipality said that Monakedi brought stability and now leaves the municipality with a good legacy. "We struggled with audit and with your team you brought us the unqualified audit which we struggled to achieve for many years" said the Speaker.

 Benjamin Mathebula, who is the Director for a Planning and Economic Development and the incoming acting municipal manager said that upon hearing the news of Monakedi's imminent departure "they" hoped that it was not true that he was leaving but it started to sink when council confirmed his exit. 

"We wanted to build from the "unqualified audit", but we are happy he is still a resident of Tzaneen and we want to wish him well where he is going." Said Mathebula. 

Mathebula said that Monakedi had his own way of dealing with conflict among directors. He also said that he was happy that the transition from Monakedi to himself is smooth. He promised councillors that there will be no hiccup when Monakedi leaves on the 18th of May, "We are making decisions together" said Mathebula. 

Mr Maake representing the traditional authorities said that Traditional Authorities were not happy about Monakedi's departure but he has a new responsibility and they wished him good luck in his new job. 

In his response Monakedi  said "I feel so humble by all of this. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that the council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has given me". He thanked the former Mayor and the current Mayor who he said were excellent supervisors. "I benefited a lot from both mayors" He said. 

"All directors have contributed immensely, i'm a different person from what I was when I arrived here' despite me being their supervisor I also learnt much from them" 

He said that the political support made his job smooth and easier. "There are other capable administrators who fail due to the absence political support". "We received the highest MIG amount in the whole country due to our spending." 

Monakedi said that when asked about his achievements in the interview for his new job all of the achievements he cited were with the Greater Tzaneen Municipality.


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The Council of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has appointed Mr Benjamin Mathebula as the Acting Municipal Manager for a period not exceeding three months. This is due to the resignation of Republic Monakedi who is joining Mopani District Municipality as the Municipal Manager. Monakedi's Resignation earlier accepted by Council.

 Sam Lelope has been appointed Director for Electrical Engineering. The position has been vacant since the departure of long serving director, Pierre van den Heever who joined Witzenburg Municipality in the Western Cape. 

Council has also agreed to settle with Ms Dikeledi Malatji the Director for Engineering Services. 

Council also approved recommendations by the Municipal Public Accounts Committee, and has instructed that the committee reports in the next council. 

Council has also approved a draft budget of R1, 225 billion for the 2017/2018 Financial Year. This is an increase of R60.2 million.  The budget will be taken to communities for inputs and buy-in. The public participation programme will be release soon to give residents an opportunity to participate. 

Council also approved the extension of Telkom Mobile Contract to supply tablets and laptops as well as data for all Councillors and Traditional Authority representatives.

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Mayor Maripe Mangena yesterday (Wednesday, 12 April 2017) honoured learners, educators, schools and circuit managers during the Mayor’s Excellence Awards held at Hotel@Tzaneen. Mangena said that he believed that “awarding excellence will go a long way in motivating”. He reminded teachers, parents, learners, government and business to “prioritize the improvement of the entire public schooling and matric result in particular.”

Mangena quoted Oliver Tambo who he said was a Physical Science and Mathematics teacher’s “a country that does not take care of its youth does not deserve its future”.

Mangena honoured the best learner in each of the ten circuits under the Greater Tzaneen Municipality. The Mayor also gave an award of “the Best Performing Learner per circuit from an Independent Schools which went to Cindy Mabuza (94%) from St George College in the Nkowankowa Circuit.


He also bestowed honours on educators from ordinary public schools who achieved 100% pass rate in Accounting, Mathematics and Physical Science. 

Shiluvane Circuit and Khujwana Circuit were honoured for being the most improved circuits. Shiluvane Circuit went from 74.4% in 2015 to 74.9% in 2016 and Khujwana Circuit was at 64.5% in 2015 and at 70% in 2016.  


Nkowankowa Circuit won the category of the Best Circuit based on enrolment of 500 and above. The circuit had 1045 learners participating in the 2016 matric examination and 797 of them passed which is a 74.9% pass rate.


In his address Mangena said that the municipality assisted 110 students register in institutions of higher learning through the Mayor’s Student Financial Aid Scheme (MSFAS). Out of the 11 winning learners four benefited from MSFAS. He said the municipality planned to budget R1 million rand to assist students in 2018.

The ceremony was attended by councillors, Traditional leaders, circuit managers, labour unions (SADTU and NACTU) and student movement leaders. Also present was Member of provincial legislature, Dan Sebabi who is also the Chair of Chairpersons at the Limpopo provincial legislature. 

All winning leaners will each receive a laptop and all winning circuit managers got spa vouchers sponsored by the Zillion Boutique. Municipality partnered with Hotel@Tzaneen (venue), Old Mutual (trophies) and Zillion Boutique (spa vouchers). 


Best performing leaners per circuit from Public Schools.

  • Abel Nortje 93.1% From Ben Voster
  • Tlangelani Shikwambani 92%, Nkowankowa Circuit, Hudson Ntsan’wisi
  • MF Sebelemetja 88%, Mawa Circuit, Ramotshinyadi
  • SM Mohale 86.4% Thabine Circuit, Mafutsane High School
  • Allen Seokoma, 86%, Mafarana, Circuit, Molabisane
  • Kabelo Malatjie, 83.3%, Shiluvane Circuit, Pherehla Maake
  • Musa Khoza, 72.1%, N’wanedzi Circuit, Mbhekwani High School
  • Dineo Machete, 69.9%, Xihoko Circuit, Mapheto
  • Hector Vuma 60.3%, Khujwana Circuit, Matimu High School
  • CM Masedi, Motupa Circuit, Boke,

Best Performing Educators (Ordinary Public Schools)

Best Performing Learner per circuit (Independent Schools)

  • Minkateko Cindy Mabuza, 94%, Nkowankowa Circuit, St George College

Best Performing Educators in Mathematics

  • Mushwana CM, Scotch Maboko (Mafarana Circuit)
  • Mampa NC, Pherehla Maake (Shilivana Circuit)
  • Mabidilala MG, Senwabakgolo (Mawa Circuit)
  • Manzini, Matimu High School, Khujwana Circuit

Best Performing Educators in Physical Science

  • Tshepe FS, Cata High School, Mafarana Circuit
  • Shikwambana DD, Dumela High School, Shiluvana Circuit
  • Nkwinika JL, Zivuko, Nkowankowa Circuit

Best Performing Educators in Accounting

  • Hutamo MH, Sedan High (Mafarana Circuit)
  • Mashete MS, Professor, (Mafarana Circuit)
  • Nhlangwani NO, Scotch Maboko (Mafarana Circuit)
  • Shivambu N, Mawhawha, (N’wanedzi Circuit)
  • Letseku MH, Bokgaga, (Shiluvana Circuit)
  • Madiba RM, Matseko, (Motupa Circuit)
  • Mhlongo MJ, Huidson Ntsan’wisi, (Nkowankowa Circuit)

Best Circuit based on enrolment of 500 and above

  • Nkowankowa Circuit, 1045 leaners, 797 passed (74.9%)

Most Improved Circuits

  • Shiluvane Circuit 74.4% in 2015 to 74.9% in 2016
  • Khujwana Circuit (64.5% in 2015 to 70% in 2016)


For Immediate release                                                                        


Issued by: Neville Ndlala on behalf of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality 


Spokesperson - 015 307 8489 - 073 076 2125-

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Mayor Maripe Mangena officially opened the newly tarred Tickelyline to Makhubidung Road today (Wednesday, 8th of March 2017). The road which is 3km long cost the municipality R16.4 million and was funded through the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG). It will directly benefit residents in Tickelyline, Myakayaka, Glasswork and Makhubidung Villages.

The road also links communities to CN Phathudi Hospital, Shiluvane Library, Maake Plaza as well as various schools and churches. At least 42 labour workers mostly local were employed for the duration of the project. The road was also built through a local contractor.  

Mayor Mangena also handed over a house to 26-year-old Delina Maenetja of Myakayaka Village. Delina, a mother of two children aged 5 and 8 lived in a shack and had to be relocated as her shack was in the route of the new road.

Delina now occupies a standard RDP house in Myakayaka Village. Delina who could not hide excitement said she felt blessed that she now has a house of her own. She said at least she now knows that if ever she dies her children will have a place to stay and no one will throw them out.

Speaking at low key event attended by locals and stakeholders, Mayor Maripe Mangena urged residents to look after the new infrastructure, He said that if they damaged the road instead of government bringing more development they will have to fix the damages which he said will slow development in the area. The road was built by Makasana Construction supervised by Southern Ambition Consulting Engineers (SACE). 

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Greater Tzaneen Municipality will host its annual Mayor’s Cup on the 18th of March 2017 at Lenyenye Stadium. The tournament will coincide with the official reopening of Lenyenye Stadium which was closed due to refurbishments worth R14.7 million.

Individual participants and teams will compete in marathon, football, netball and golf. The marathon will start and end at Lenyenye Stadium. Entry forms for the marathon are available at various municipal offices and libraries. Entry fee for the 21km is R40, R20 for the 10 km race and free for the 5km fun run. Those interested in participating can still enter on the day of the marathon between 5am and 6:45. Both the 21km and 10 km races will commerce at 7am with the 5km fun run starting at 07h15. The winner for the 21km race will take home R4000.00, 2nd and third place will take home R3000.00 and R2000.00 respectively.

Soccer teams will compete in three categories, namely, ladies soccer development (under 21), men’s football development (under 21) and workers soccer. Soccer teams’ play cluster elimination matches on Saturday, 11 March 2017. The municipality has four cluster namely Bulamahlo, Lesedi, Relela and Runnymede. In development soccer for both men and ladies, winners will take home R5000.00 plus kit and soccer balls, 2nd place will take R3000.00 and third place wins R1500.00.

Netball teams will only compete in two categories being netball development and netball for workers. In Netball Development first place wins R3000.00, 2nd place R1500.00 and third place R1000.00. In Netball Workers first place wins R3000.00, 2nd place R1500.00 and third place R1000.00. Both soccer and netball will be played at Lenyenye Stadium and Molabisane High School on 18 March.

Golf will be played at Tzaneen Country Club from 8am and at least 40 golfers are expected to participate.  The Mayor’s cup was postponed from December 2016 to allow more teams an opportunity to register and participate.

Refurbishments in Lenyenye Stadium include the reconstruction of the football field to a 105m x 68m pitch with new grass, an 8-lane synthetic athletic track as well as facilities for all track and field events. These facilities will include those for shot put, Discus, javelin, long and triple jump as well as high jump. 

Other refurbishments done are on the tennis, basketball and netball courts within the stadium precinct. With water a challenge in the area, the contractor is also expected to provide a permanent, reliable source of irrigation water. The shower rooms and toilets have also be renovated as well as the roof in the pavilion.

Mayor Maripe Mangena calls on all the residents of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality and beyond to come and participate in the three races.

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality would like to warn current and potential job seekers of an ongoing scam where scammers send an sms to an applicant congratulating them on being shortlisted for a job recently advertised by the municipality.

The message will contain the job tittle and job number similar to the one advertised by the municipality. The sms is purported as coming from MH Maake the Human Resources Manager.

Please consider the following before responding to any message regarding a job in the municipality.

The municipality will not request any money from an applicant before or after the interview.

Shortlisted applicants are informed via telephone by an official from Human Resources with the date, time and venue of the interview.

The municipality does not send sms to applicants informing them of an interview.

GTM does not make use of the recruitment agencies.

Also note that application forms are available in our municipal offices in Tzaneen and on our website (

To confirm if you are indeed shortlist contact HR at 015 307 8384.

We urge members of the community to be careful with their money. There is no single individual that you can pay to secure employment in the municipality as the recruitment process consist of various stages and involves various stakeholders such Management, HR and Labour Unions.

Please note that any promise for a job in exchange for money is scam and must be reported to the authorities immediately, please also alert our HR on 015 307 8382.

You can also call HR on 015 307 8006 to confirm receipt of your application after the closing date.  

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Please note that the Tzaneen Public Swimming pool is now open to the general public from Wednesday to Sunday every week from 10am to 6pm. The pool will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Entry fee is R20, 00 per person per day with an exception of kids 3 years old and younger as well as pensioners in possession of their pension card.

Please note that the following fees will be applicable as per below categories:

  • A monthly ticket is R145, 00 per person
  • School going children pay R80, 00 per month
  • A season ticket is R900, 00 per person
  • Local school galas or aquatic sport events will be R300, 00 per event.
  • Provincial and National school galas or aquatic sport events pay 00
  • All other functions at the swimming pool (except school functions) will be charged at 00 per booking plus a refundable deposit of R1000.00.
  • Swimming lessons done at remuneration by trainees during working hours per season, per instructor is 00 for 3 lanes at 10 persons per lane for 2 hours a day or R20.00 per person, 10 persons per lane for 2 hours for all categories i.e. Juniors, Seniors etc.
  • Entry is free for school children in groups during school hours provided that prior permission is granted by the municipality. A teacher shall at all times exercise direct supervision over the children at the swimming pool. The children shall not be allowed to stay in the water for a period exceeding 60 minutes, and school children must leave the premises not later than 13h00.
  • 00 per hour per life guard shall be payable for life guard services outside the specified working hours.


Swimming development and coaching requirements must be met by any interested person or organization to conduct swimming and coaching development at the Tzaneen Public Swimming pool.  Please note that tickets are only available at municipal offices in Tzaneen, Nkowankowa, Lenyenye, Letsitele Library and Haenertsburg Library. No persons will be allowed at the public swimming pool without a valid ticket.  Monthly and season ticket holders must produce their identity cards that match the information on their tickets.

For Immediate release                                                                        


Issued by: Neville Ndlala on behalf of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality 


Spokesperson - 015 307 8489 - 073 076 2125-

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300 learners get new uniform

Mayor Maripe Mangena presided over ceremony to handover school uniform to hundreds of learners and officially open a combo court donated by the national lotteries at Maale Primary School on 7 February 2017. Maale primary located in Makhubidung village has 575 leaners most of them from poor families. School principal Patricia Magabane said that some leaners came to school wearing shoes with no sole and trousers without zips. “We had leaners that came to school in winter without jerseys” Said Magabane. According to the principal who joined the school in 2013 the situation affected the quality of learning at the school.

She said a donor who wants to remain anonymous for now came to the school’s rescue with a school uniform donation worth over R30 000. “More school uniform is still to come during the course of the year, because the donor‘s aspiration is for every learner to get uniform” said Magabane. The neediest leaners were prioritised and given uniform first.

She said that the donor bought 380 items which included trousers, shirts, skirts, shoes and socks.

Addressing the gathering Mayor Maripe Mangena who served as the ward councillor for 10 years in ward 27 which also covers Makhubidung said that education was an enemy of poverty. He said that when a child gets an education their home becomes peaceful and that there is progress. He also expressed gratitude on behalf of the municipality to the donor, saying the donor was an practical example of meaning of the phrase “giving back to the community”. Also speaking the ceremony, headman Maake told the learners that “education was one thing that no one will never take away from you”. The headman anchored the words of Thepelo Ndou from the department of Higher Education who said “They can take your business, your house or money but they can never take your education”

The school is also a beneficiary of the national lotteries funding programme which allocated R270 thousands to build court which caters for netball, volleyball and softball. This is expected to motivate physical activity among learners. “A healthy body means a healthy mind” said Magabane

Speaking on behalf of parents, Miss Skokotlo seemed to struggle with words due to excitement repeating the words “rethabile ka gare ga maphelo a rena”. Which is Sepedi for “we are happy within ourselves?”

The enrolment at the school has also grown from 270 in 2013 to 575 in this year. She said the school was in poor community and that leaners faced challenges such as domestic abuse, however, the school had ample support from the community. “Even before this event parents came here to clean the school, we also have support from the traditional leaders, Headman Majoro attends all our meetings and events” said the principal.

The school is a feeder for Pherehla Maake High school and the school is performing better than most school due to the quality of leaners that the school produces.




Ivy Rasodi and Tebogo Rasodi of Shiluvavne Village , grade one

“We thank the principal from bringing use school uniform, we thank you a lot”

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GTM embarks on a back to school campaign

Mayor Maripe Mangena led a “back to school campaign”, which saw 11 schools visited by five teams over a three day period. The objective of the campaign was to congratulate best performing schools and encourage the worst performing school in order to improve matric results. The delegation also recorded challenges facing the schools. 

Councilors of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality embarked on a “Back to School” Campaign from the 11th to the 12th of January. The municipality divided councilors into five groups which visited the worst performing schools on the 11th and the best performing of the 12th.  

On Wednesday, the day when schools reopened  councilors visited DZJ Mthebule (Nkowankowa) 87.36%  , Zivuko (Mariveni) 92.56%, Meresky (Tzaneen) 100%, Matimu (Khujwana), and B Mkhabele (Mhangweni) 90%.

On Thursday, the teams went to Nelson Ramodike (Marumofase) 34.31%, Progress (Nkowankowa) 21.17%, Stanley Mopai (22.68), Hetiseka (Msiphana) and Gwambeni (Xihoko) 89%. 

Addressing learners at Zivuko, Mayor Mangena said “When you arrive at you home with a diploma or any qualification poverty escapes through the window, poverty fears qualification, poverty and qualification are enemies , therefore for your to win against poverty just get down and study.”

In most schools the teams addressed leaners and also met separately with the school management. Principals and teachers raised grievances which included among others lack of admin blocks, overcrowding, unfinished infrastructure projects, shortage of teachers, furniture, stationery, books and water. The delegation promised to engage relevant authorities and provide feedback as soon as possible.

The Mayor’s team which visited DZJ and Zivuko was supported by the Founder of Miss Greater Tzaneen Royal Nobility (GTRN), Ntombi Baloyi, Praises Baloyi (Miss GTRN 2017) and 1st Runner-up Shiluva Nkuna. The hardworking and helpful Circuit Manager for Ritavi Doreen Manzini was also part of the delegation. Praises Baloyi gave a motivational talk in both schools which received a thunderous applause from the leaners.  

The five teams were led by the Mayor, Councilors Cassius Machimana, Star Mbhalati, Thabo Maunatlala and Edney Ntimbani.


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Q & A with Mayor Maripe Mangena

GTM Bulletin: Where were you born

My name is Maripe Mangena, I was born in Mogapene village, Shiluvane in the late 1960s. I only have one sister younger Mamokidi and me but I do have siblings from another mother in Cape Town, Stellenbosch where my dad lived for many years.

GTM Bulletin: Where did you attend school

I started my primary school at Mogapene Lower Primary, proceeded to Mmalahla Higher Primary then to the well-known Bokgaga High School. After matric I went to Kwena Moloto College of Education. Then in 1992 I started working as an Educator at my childhood school, Mmalahla. In 1993 I joined the local high school called Mokwane High school, and in 2003 I joined Molomahlapi High school in Maruleng Municipality. In 2006 I joined Mapula Primary School in Bolobedu South as Head Of Department until 2011 when I resigned to be full-time in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality Council.

GTM Bulletin: When did you realize your passion for politics and ventured into politics

Like many young people, growing in a poverty stricken area, an area that was directly and physically involved in a black on black ethnic based fights, an area where some had to travel over 10 km to access education. Where we had to witness brilliant minds dropping out of school because of lack if finances. These are the circumstances that were compelling for one to get involved in politics not as a passion for it was not necessarily an option.

GTM Bulletin: What is your political background

As highlighted, we got involved when we were around 17-years old as did many young people in my area led by the late cde Nkaswilavi, the late Mataung Rakgoale, Cde Lando and others. We were marshalled into many protest actions including Safari Bakery boycott and mobilising our communities to start refusing to pay the compulsory annual Bakgaga cool drink for the queen of the Maake tribe. Also the political environment of a demand for the recognized SRCs by Bo cde Banda, the current chairperson of one branch in Letaba, cde Kenny Nghomaneni Maake, the late Mogaleamalla Joseph and many others was inescapable. I did not lead at that stage. My conscious was strengthened by the pure pro black life drama that we started performing under a cultural club in 1987 organized and directed by Cde Rasemea Moribo. 

With this background, upon arrival at the college, I was nominated into the sub-committee of cultural committee of the SRC in 1989, October and was elected the head of that committee in Oct 1990 and served till 1991 Oct. I also served as the secretary of then SANSCO of Kwena Moloto that really brokered cooperation with the Seshego community which was severed and literally physical. 

Coming back home I started serving my community both politically (ANCYL, ANC,SANCO, SADTU) and socially at branch level from 1990  until 2014 when I was elected as the chairperson of the ANC MARKSHOPPE sub-region and GTM Chief Whip. I never had a two month break without political activity/engagement because I never belonged to an inactive structure for all this years up to date

GTM Bulletin: What are some of your achievements

Since when I was delegated to the ANCYL national conference on 16-20 Dec 1991 at the Kwa-Ndebele college through a branch mandate, and reported back to the BEC and BGM, all the branches I belonged to sustain that culture to the letter. We never had a meeting postponed due to a lack of quorum. We became the best ANC branch in 2011/12 in Mopani Region. Our branch and Ward 27 community remain most organized and responsive to any progressive programme. Out of the expected 40 quarterly community meetings in my ten years of Ward councillorship, 38 were successfully held The leadership collective I lead is more united beyond imagination both politically and governance.

We have delivered the State of the Ward for ward 27 since 2011 and it is now a GTM council policy.

GTM Bulletin: What are your views on the current state of Tzaneen

The previous leadership ably lead by former Mayor Cde Dikeledi has done much. We are happy we were able to identify the problems and have way forward on the legal fees, slow or non-spending on capital projects, poor monitoring of projects, shrinking income base and low revenue collection, insufficient or lack of human resource to serve the community beyond contractual obligation on behalf of this people based institution called a municipality.

GTM Bulletin: What changes are you as the mayor going to bring to Tzaneen

As part of the collective leadership deployed by the ANC, We have a mandate to further the development so far. Having identified the gaps in response to the last question, the manifesto and policy positions of the ANC and government will guide us.

Significantly, we seek to speed the following up: implementation of the By-laws, expanding our revenue base to our rural communities by providing quality services, updating our indigent register and doing the justifiable thing. Create more jobs for our people through the above thinking and make our villages as habitable as towns and townships. This will surely reduce urbanization. 

GTM Bulletin: What job creation efforts will you make as a mayor

Engagement with Limpopo Economic Development Environment and Tourism (LEDET, Limpopo Economiic Development Agency(LEDA), our own arm, GTEDA to zoom into unlocking of Tours Tea farms, Nkowankowa closed factories, Makgoebaskloof or Sapekoe Tea Estate, Mopani Mosupatsela Farm and supporting initiatives to build shopping malls as immediate tasks to create jobs. Our major focus for the next five years over and above the many things we shall be doing includes insourcing of numerous municipal services that we can simply do internally. We will invite business to augment the efforts of the Mayor with 100 p c on student financial aid to skill our disadvantaged youths. We also will engage our local FETs or other tertiary institutions to align their out-put to the economic needs of the municipality. E.g being a highly agriculture area we produce no Agriculturalists. We must address Relevancy.


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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality would like to allay fears that there is a crisis in the municipality, it must therefore be stated categorically clear that the municipality is operating efficiently and effectively and continues to deliver services as per its constitutional and legislative mandate.  

The attachment and subsequent removal of the mayoral vehicle was a result of miscommunication between the municipality, the sheriff and municipality’s legal representative. The matter has since been resolved and all monies owed in connection with the warrant of execution were paid immediately as soon as the matter was brought to the attention of the municipality, however the actual cause of the said miscommunication is being investigated. The municipality is disappointed in the manner in which the Sherriff handled the removal of the mayoral vehicle, firstly by bringing along a journalist with a video camera and secondly by refusing to afford the municipality a mere15 minutes to effect the payment of monies owed as it was their primary demand. We have a strong view that the actions of the Sherriff were orchestrated to embarrass the municipality and its leadership. It is also strange that the Sherriff opted to attach the mayoral vehicle of whose value far surpasses the amount in question.

It is also worth noting that the amount of R111694.00 was paid at around 08h50 and the mayoral vehicle was returned within an hour of the payment being effected. The attachment of the mayoral vehicle is completely unrelated to the vehicle itself as the vehicle has already been paid for in full. Also worth noting is that the removal of the vehicle did not any way affect the schedule nor the programme of the mayor. The mayor is currently attending a week long induction with fellow councillors and was not using the vehicle at the time of the incident.

We would like to call on all the political parties and other observers to refrain from making statements about the municipality in the media without first verifying their facts. These false statements can only serve as a source of incitement and also spread uncertainty. We also call on all our residents to rally behind the municipality and its newly elected council. These false accusations are only meant to distract the municipality’s leadership from their responsibilities which is the provision of services to communities of Greater Tzaneen.

The Mayor and the collective leadership of the municipality is committed to serving the municipality and has the best interest of the residents of municipality which includes creating an atmosphere conducive for economic growth and job creation, enhancing the service delivery mechanism of the municipality and uniting the residents of the municipality towards a common goal which is to build a vibrant economy and the provision of sustainable basic services.

For Immediate release                                                                          


Issued by: Mr. Ntsako Neville Ndlala

Spokesperson & Acting Manager Communications and Marketing Services

Office Tel: 015 307 8019 – Fax No: 0867596454 Cell No: 073 076 2125

E-mail Address:

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality will host its 3rd annual Agricultural Expo from the   22nd to the 24th of September 2016 at Letaba Showground. The Agri Expo was born out of the Land Reform and Forestry Summit which the municipality hosted in 2013. In 2014 GTM staged its inaugural Agricultural Expo which recorded 1000 attendees and 52 exhibitors over a three day period. The Agri-Expo was coordinated through an events management company in 2014 but in 2015 the municipality coordinated the Agri-Expo internally through an Events Coordinating/Management Committee. In the 2015 Expo the municipality recorded just over 1000 visitors.

In the 2015 Agric Expo the municipality hosted an Agri Youth Imbizo which saw 90 learners from 21 local schools and 32 young farmers from 22 agricultural projects participate. At least 150 people among them farmers, aspiring farmers and students attended various workshops as part of the expo in the same year. GTM also hosted a gala dinner attended by about 200 guests and a Mayoral networking breakfast. The Agri- Expo is a platform for stakeholders in the agricultural sector to interact, exchange ideas, transact and copy best practices in the sector. It is also a platform for upcoming farmers and established commercial farmers to interact and learn from each other. The Expo is also used as a marketing vehicle to promote Tzaneen as an agricultural hub in the province.

In this year’s three day event the Mayor, Councillor Maripe Mangena will host a charity Golf Day on the 23rd of September at Tzaneen Country Club from 8am, a networking breakfast on the 22nd of September at Hotel@Tzaneen from 8am and Gala dinner also on 22nd of September at Hotel@Tzaneen from 6pm. Also on the 22nd the municipality will host the Agri Youth Imbizo at Letaba Showground Hall B from 8am.  GTM will also host workshops on the 22nd and 23rd of September on Agro-processing, global warming, export markets, funding, insurances etc. On the 22nd of September the municipality will take 180 learners from various schools on a tour of ten (10) farms specialising in areas such as processing, livestock farming, crop production, citrus etc.

This year Expo is sponsored by the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), Komatie Fruits (Bosveld Sitrus). The Agric -Expo partners are Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), Greater Tzaneen Economic Development Agency (GTEDA) and the Letaba Herald. The Expo is supported by ZZ2, Department of Education, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR), Agricultural Research Council (ARC), the Department of Agriculture Fishers and Forestry (DAFF), Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (LDARD), Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET), Mopani District Municipality (MDM) as well as universities and agricultural colleges.

For Immediate release                                                                          


Issued by: Mr. Ntsako Neville Ndlala

Spokesperson & Acting Manager Communications and Marketing Services

Office Tel: 015 307 8019 – Fax No: 0867596454 Cell No: 073 076 2125

E-mail Address:

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The purchase of a new vehicle for the Mayor was necessary for several reasons, first the previous mayor’s vehicle was bought in 2011 and has exceeded 150 000 kilometres and was no longer under motor plan. The vehicle was involved in two separate accidents albeit minor. The vehicle has also suffered numerous mechanical breakdowns costing the municipality in excess of R180 000 as some stage and in a very short period. There was also high cost of hiring a vehicle for the mayor during the periods where the vehicle was involved either in an accident or suffered mechanical breakdown.

We have invoices to back this. In actual fact the purchase of the new vehicle will save the municipality money and will be convenient for the mayor. The SALGA handbook allows for the replacement of the mayor’s official vehicle if it has exceeded 150000 km, the mileage on the previous vehicle stood at 173 000km.

We also have to purchase an SUV considering the terrain that we operate in, the mayor has to travel to mountainous rural areas to engage communities. He also needs a reliable vehicle for official trips outside the municipality. We have purchased a vehicle that is standard and is used by a majority of mayors, MECs etc. all over the country.

It is also misleading and demeaning for the DA to suggest that buying a vehicle for a mayor is wasteful and fruitless. The expenditure might be irregular, but it is far from wasteful or fruitless.  The purchase was done above board and through deviation which is legally permissible. The cost of the vehicle does not exceed the amount allowed for the purchase of vehicles for Mayors.

When it comes to the purchase of a vehicle for the speaker, as a municipality we are not aware of any recent purchase for the new speaker. We do however have a vehicle which we bought in 2014 to transport the speaker, that vehicle is still in a good condition and available for official use.

The mayor, as the first citizen must be transported in a safe reliable vehicle, his safety first as a human being and secondly as Mayor must be prioritised. The mayor will be required to meet people even during turmoil and violent service delivery protests, it is therefore important that he is provided with a reliable safe mode of transportation.

With regard to the attachment of assets of the municipality, it must be stated categorically clear that no asset of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality has been attached both movable and immovable assets. We have challenged the court order granted to Expetera and the matter is still before the courts. 


For Immediate release                                                                        


Issued by:      Neville Ndlala


                        015 307 8019

                        073 076 2125


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Mpumi Mhalanga amongst children at Glenshiel Primary on Mandela Day 2016

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The Greater Tzaneen Municipality has received numerous complaints from residents in relation to their monthly municipal bills. The bulk of the complaints are related to electricity charges and disconnection fees.

Residents are reminded that the deadline for payments is the 25th of each month, those who fail to meet the deadline will receive a reminder. Failure to act on the reminder will result in the defaulter receiving a “final request” notice, which is accompanied by a R45.00 fee plus VAT. Action will therefore be required from the accountholder within three days of receiving the “final request” notice. 

Failure to act within the stipulated timeframe will result in the delivery of a disconnection notice and subsequent disconnection. The disconnection notice is delivered at the same time that the actual disconnection is done. 

A disconnection fee of R365.00 plus VAT will be billed into the account of the property owner or account holder. The electricity will only be reconnected after payment is made.

We have appointed a service provider to do meter reading on behalf of the municipality and they have already started with their work. The readings are collected on a monthly basis and captured onto our financial systems.

For accuracy and as proof a photo of the meter at the time when the reading is recorded is taken and uploaded into the account.

The hike in electricity bills in most instances in a result of the heat wave which led to residents overusing their air conditioners. The air conditioner consumes more electricity more than most household utilities.

Residents who have queries or are not satisfied with their accounts are welcome to lodge their queries with our accounts section in the Finance Department.  Residents can visit the municipality and our officers at Credit Control will kindly explain the charges and rectify any errors thereof.

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